Convergence: Blue Beetle #1

Write: Scott Lobdell / Artist: Yishan Li / DC Comics

We are now back in Hub City folks. We got an uprising on our hands as the Mad Men are protesting against the machine. However the man controlling on aspect of the machine is Nathaniel Adam (Captain Atom). Things have gotten tense in the city as we are seeing. Vic Sage is on the ground reporting in about the happenings (basically seeing Nathaniel having to go all “Rambo in a suit”). Times are very hard in Hub city, the dome has only made people feel pushed into a corner. There is one genius inventor that is trying to change all of that by taking down the dome.


YES! YES! YES! YES! At long fucking last Ted Kord is back. The man is back! I know we have seen him appear in JL 3,000 however but this feels like Ted Kord from the beginning. We see Kord doing what he does best, my man in the lab cooking with the wrist motion. The good thing about the Convergence (that I will say) is that we’re getting a sense of nostalgia. We got the old Charlton Comics gang back together again. Li’s art feels like we are watching a time trip as we read it. With his colors on Captain Atoms old costume as compared to Ted Kord debuting with that young rugged tech lab look and Vic Sage goin all pg-13 noir. Li has his own imprint of style that he is stamping Hub City with which is cool.

Of course we are going to have to see how the gang comes out when they have to do the contest of champions so to speak. I hope we will be seeing all three of these heroes working together a a team. The all seem to bring aspects of the personality to the table that compliment one another. Guess we will have to wait to issue #2 to find out.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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