Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins is a Beautiful Trip of Recollection

First thing’s first, Nintendo made an animated promotional short film called “Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins” which is a combination of 2 of my favorite things — Star Fox and anime — and it’s great so watch it down below the jump. I’ll wait…

Wasn’t that beautiful? Didn’t that ignite a spark in your heart? It was made by Nintendo with a little help from Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex and Psycho Pass) and Wit Studio (Attack On Titan and Seraph of the End) so it’s stacked in the production department. This short film successfully introduced the characters and their personalities, set up the villain and his connection to the world AND made me not hate Slippy. Now that’s something to give props for. If you didn’t know, the main villain aka the very ominous scary dude is named Andross who is the main villain of Star Fox and he’s a bad dude. The other villain that the Star Fox team actually fights in this film is named Granga, who is basically like the number one underling of Andross so he’s kind of a big deal also.

This short not only introduced everyone but also had a plot within itself that was pretty interesting in its own right. Fox McCloud is a little humor mixed with some seriousness as most leaders are. Falco is still as hot-headed as ever. Slippy isn’t constantly asking me to save him… I mean he shows how smart he is and is actually enjoyable in this short. Lastly, Peppy is as much of an old man as he was before. Feels good, man.

This short used music from the old games and even had that fabulous “running to the ship” section that I used to fawn over in Star Fox 64. Seriously, them sprinting full speed is still cool as shit and I can’t get enough of it. Adding phrases from the old game like “DO A BARREL ROLL” and having them report after the mission was just like Star Fox 64. I squealed a little bit no lie. It was directed well and it flowed well with personalities galore. It’s sure to make everyone ask for a Star Fox anime.

How do we make that happen? What do I have to give up for equivalent exchange? It’s also filled with a bunch of dog people which will excite you if you’re into that. Also Slippy and Peppy’s run is hilarious compared to Falco and Fox’s.


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Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins is a beautiful nostalgic trip and it was just to promote the new game. Imagine what they could do with a full series with Star Wolf, Krystal, and all the other characters. I shouldn’t think about that it’ll just make me sad for what could happen. Oh, also the Star Fox Zero game is pretty amazing too. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch this short film a few more times to soak it all in a little bit more.

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