Suicide Squad #2 Review

Suicide Squad 2 cover

Writer: Tom Taylor/Artist: Bruno Redundo/ DC Comics

Comic book fans often groan whenever a title “coincidentally” comes out right as a film or television series for the same characters is on the way. But that’s just good business and playing it smart, if we’re being honest. The irritation is justified when the material is lazy and feels like it was just pushed out for the sake of having something to sell.

With Birds of Prey on the way, pretty much anything with Harley Quinn in it is at risk of falling into this category. But Suicide Squad passes the test.

There’s No Love in Team

Suicide Squad #2 interior

This story is only two issues in, so I suggest you go ahead and join the wave now before it gets too far ahead. To provide some quick background, the Suicide Squad is up to their usual reluctant-heroes-for-hire shenanigans. This time they’ve been teamed up with another group of super-powered folks known as the Revolutionaries, who have gotten wrapped up in a similar kind of deal. More people to help on crazy missions sounds great, right?

Well, not if you take into account that the Revolutionaries and Suicide Squad have some major beef. They’ve each killed members on the other team. That’s great for us because it creates perfect moments, like Fin trying to get his revenge against King Shark, who ate his brother whole. (Note: Was keeping them in a water tank right next to each other really a good idea..??)

Now the two groups have to work together to carry out potentially dozens of nearly-impossible missions while trying to not kill each other and not be killed. Sounds like a blast if you ask me!

Tom Taylor is clearly having fun here with characters who readers care about, but can lose if things get messy enough. Plus, with the added benefit of a Tarantino-esque cold open, issue #2 raises the stakes and suspense levels enough to show that this story is going to take us for a really fun ride before it’s all wrapped up.

9 out of 10

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