Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Ivan Reis / DC Comics

Superboy’s Last Hoorah?

I’m relatively new to the Superman fan club so you’ll have to forgive my lack of certainty and understanding. But . . . Superman would never, in any universe, on any occasion quickly hug Batman upon his arrival. Right? So someone’s going to have to tell me about Adam Strange. Superman #15 is this emotional gem I only kind of understand. Bendis is leading the new take on the Legion of Super Heroes and I have some thoughts! Bendis might be enthusiastic about bringing this team into the newest iteration of the DC universe. Or (my preferred theory), someone told him “Bendis, Superman has a son named John and it’s been awesome. Want to keep that going?”. Bendis quickly responds, “Fuck that! We’re launching his ass through space and then time”. Either way, this book’s treatment of John Kent has been respectable, especially considering his sharing the same vein as Leviathan.

That Bendis/Reis Excellence

Within this story arc my cynicism fades in light of indulgence. John gets the “Far From Home” treatment in a lightning fast timeline. Of course, it’s not certain that he will join the Legion a thousand years into the future but there’s a blonde personally asking so we all know how that goes. The gold in this book, though, comes from Superman’s emotional turmoil. I forgot that Rogol Zaar wasn’t the only intergalactic criminal with justice in store for them and the other is particularly hard on Superman. The entire issue focuses on inner pain instead of external fights. Bendis does this expertly but all props to Ivan Reis. He’s been killing the huge space fights but he’s just as adept with the dozens of heroes and aliens littering these pages. Also, there are a bunch of close up showcasing Reis’ ability to sculpt a majestic Super-jawline. The book was just an all around delight to consume.

9 “Prayers that We’re Done With Rogol Zaar” out of 10

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