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Superman Doomed [Infected]: Chapter 2
writer: Charles Soule; art: Tony Daniel

The last time we saw Superman back in Action Comics #31, he had lost the keys to the Fortress of Solitude (failed a bio-metric scan), fantasized about killing Lex Luthor, tore apart a helicopter in mid flight and had some Doomsday-esque horns growing out of his arms.

Well…things have actually gotten worse. The strength of this issue lies in the focus on Diana and her finding Clark in, how you say, an altered state physically and mentally. The Man of Steel ain’t well in a lot of ways, and he’s aware of it.

Clark not filtering or obscuring his view on everything, including Batman was pretty nice here, Superman the Shade thrower. Again, this is a fairly familiar Superman story, but the angle that Soule takes on it and the skillful touch that Daniel puts on the emotional scenes with Diana and Clark make it feel fresh.

Where the book shows some cracks might be in its construction, as Diana crowd sources everyone connected to Clark to find him, just for Batman to say, “Did you check his house?” I understand setting the scenes that place Diana interacting with all these different people, but that was a weak resolution to her search. The ending or resolution was a bit quick as well, but knowing the threat isn’t dead within Clark, I am at least interested to see the next stage in the story.


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