writer: Charles Soule / artist: Tony Daniel

While I began thinking that the Doomed crossover was interesting because of the amount of stellar writers that were involved, I’m beginning to think the premise just isn’t interesting enough for some of my favorite scribes to do much with. Superman / Wonder Woman, which has been one of the better Superman related titles over the last year or so, has been fairly bleh as a story place holder for the Doomed event, as its evident each time that the larger transitions or eventual revelations are reserved for other titles. The appearance of the Red Lanterns could have been interesting if it weren’t so brief or if I had been more familiar with Red Lantern book, for which Soule also writes (and that’s not shade, word on the street is that the Red Lanterns book is the strongest of the Lantern books and its not even close).

There are a couple things that work in this book, specifically the differing versions of “help” that Diana and Hessia think that Clark deserves. And a full set of armor spawning from a belt is pretty badass.

I still believe in this title, but I’m ready to see it once the Doomed crossover is done and it can continue to tell its own story, especially if it ties into the new story that Geoff Johns will be penning next month.


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