The Flash #41 Review

writers: Van Jensen & Robert Venditti / artist: Brett BoothDC Comics

If you’re a fan of the CW’s Flash, you’re basically watching a live-action portrayal of old Flash comic storylines with twists to keep even old fans on their toes. Issue #41 of DC Comic’s The Flash is the inverse of that.

Keeping in mind that a lot of readers may be drawn to the book as a result of the show’s success, issue #41 appears to pull on a lot of the common storylines form it: Barry’s dad is still in prison, his surrogate father’s always peaking his head in from the other room and he’s unknowingly being stalked by the Reverse Flash.

Issue #41 serves as the beginning of a new arc after Flash made his way out of the Speedforce (shout out to Selkirk, I’m hoping he comes back at some point). He’s now faced with getting his life back in order after a breakup with Patty forces him to find a new apartment, where he shares space with his roommate’s villainous pet rat. After a visit to his father in prison, he reveals a little too much and send his father spiraling on a mission of his own.

Flash #41 Panel

The Flash has long been one of DC Comics’ most consistently well-written series, outside of the ones that have to be (i.e. anything with “Bat” in the title). The creativity that’s needed to make Flash more than just a guy that can move fast plays an important role in this. The simple ability to run fast has been developed into endless possibilities. such as phasing through solid objects and running on water.

By playing with the concepts of timelines and alternate universes, Jensen and Venditti are able to bring Reverse Flash into play. But the way that they did it was something to take note of. The comic starts out with us seeing a moment from the slowed-down perspective of Reverse Flash, only to see the same scene play out from the perspective of Flash later on. Things like this make The Flash an enjoyable read.

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