The Flash Rebirth #1 Review

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Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico / DC Comics

Just a couple weeks ago, no one had any idea what was going to happen in DC’s soft-reboot Rebirth campaign. But after DCU: Rebirth #1, we realized that not only was the Flashpoint storyline at the heart of it, but Watchmen‘s Dr. Manhattan is likely at the soul of it. And while that issue mostly told of events from the perspective of Wally West, The Flash Rebirth #1 will tell parts of that same story from the eyes of Barry Allen as well as much more.

Joshua Williamson hops on to write this series and takes us into the mind of Barry Allen as he deals with the larger crisis of contradictory memories while focusing on the smaller, more intimate problems in managing his life as a speedster and a man with a mystery to solve.

The next part of Barry and Wally’s reunion was like a scene straight out of a romance movie, but that’s okay. Because there’s no way that moment could’ve been any less intimate and still work as well. And watching Wally remind Barry of some old tricks about being Flash is a good sign that we don’t have to worry about most people’s favorite Flash taking a back seat anytime soon. You know, other than Barry outright telling him exactly that.

With all of the early exposition and the long awaited reunion, the best part of this issue was still in the last three pages. It takes a certain perspective to see any commonalities between Flash and Batman, who almost anyone would view as polar opposites. But bringing these two great minds together to work on the same case made their similarities clearer than ever before.

The two best lines of the issue came right after each other within these pages:

“Bruce loves his secrets but he hates to lie.”

“But Superman once told me there is no laughing in the Batcave.”

That’s some of the best summarization I’ve seen of the Batman character outside of a Batman series. Maybe Williamson is gunning for a run on a Batman series?

8.3 out of 10

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