The Flash Recap: Borrowing Problems From the Future

Season 3 / Episode 10The CW

And we back, and we back and we back
And we back, and we back and we back!
This aint no intro, this for Flash bae
Hit that intro with nightmares of Iris’ death day
Tryna turn my baby Iris to my fiancee
I’m tryna help you Barry, you hear what I say?
Man I couldn’t find me a better partner
Bi-Racial love that lastin, it’s goin farther!
Cuz at the end of the day, lovin is all we got!
Lovin is all we got…

Barry’s been having nightmares about Iris being murdered 3 nights in a row. He’s chalking it up to all the horrific shit dude done been through, but Iris is on her fuck all that noise shit, pulls a Viola Davis and is like, “Mufucka, I been through the same shit right there with you!” Iris obviously offers to help him through it, but he deflects by making jokes about him hittin it 3 nights in a row?!?!? And the shipping fandom goes bonkers!!

They even got Barry all bare chested up in bed?? Them Arrow ratings droppin so they put Grant Gustin on a chest out, pecs out requirement contract?!? Ohh shit! Grant you better hit that S.T.A.R. gym bruh! He aint got time for that right now though cuz Richmond Heights is up in flames. He rushes out to meet Wally and saves Detective ‘Heroes Alumni’ Patterson who can’t stop being in every damn small role of this show lately.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Wally still in awe of every mission and new move that he sees. Barry been training Wally, well allowing him to shadow The Flash really. HR comes out the woodwork talkin that Earth 19 shit talmbout bout, Sumptuous Day brethren and all that jazz. He hyped for the soft opening of the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum so he brings the team on a quick tour to show them the layout and the creepyass Hologram of Cisco that keeps malfunctioning.

At the House of Black and White, Iris tries to get Barry to tell her about his nightmares but
Bae time is swiftly interrupted! Robbery in progress! Barry zips on down to the jewelry joint being robbed by Cano’s one-eyed cousin. The Flash stops the robbery but Number 2 hit him with a blast that knocks our boy out cold! When Barry comes to and gets back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is hyped off the gun that new Rogue was using. Barry lookin at this cat like, “You hype this evil sumbitch got the burner that can put a speedster in the hospital? That’s how you feelin B?” Barry’s telemetry readings dropped (whatever the hell that means) after getting hit by the blast so they know this gat aint not joke. Iris is like, “Sooo future rifle toting pirate? That’s who want the static??”

Wally hops on the track and starts talkin his young, black and gifted ready to pop off on a villain shit! Barry shuts down Wally’s interest in taking this dude down next time he pops up to snatch some goodies. It’s shadow time Wallace. Simmer down now.

CCPD: Caitlin visits Draco Julian Dickfoy, who’s natural born ass clown skills were on full display when Caitlin reaches out for help. She wants the foremost expert on metahumans to help her get rid of her powers. Of course, he tells her to go kick rocks cuz he puts metas in jail, not helps them. Eventually he comes around and shoots Caitlin a text to pull up for that apology. Unfortunately, I don’t believe shit he gotta say and get even more tight when Caitlin invites Julian to join the team at S.T.A.R. Labs. What?? HOW SWAY?!?

S.T.A.R. Labs: Barry pulls HR to the side to ask him about his sci-fi romance novels. But really he just wants to get some dirt on traveling to the future. HR told Barry that there are two groups of thought. One believes the future is fixed and doesn’t changes, and other thinks the future can be altered.


Nick Fury’s adopted brother is back on his heist game so The Flash pulls up. Big bad of the week launches some Lil Uzi bullets at our hero, but Barry Da Speed Force GAWD dodges. A quick haymaker to plunder and he’s down.. but GUESS WHAT FLASH?? They sayin these bullets back, they sayin these bullets back! Son got mufuckin heat seeking plasma bullets in the toast?! Well, gotdamn. Barry had an ill scene with the bullets chasing him all through the streets. Flash eventually juked the shit outta the bullets like Skip to My Lou on the And1 Mixtape tour, but hesitates on arresting Plunder. Why? Because he has a flashback of his visit to the future. He remembers that the future news report says that he arrests Plunder and Barry thinks to himself, “If I can change that news report, maybe I can change the future of Iris getting the Savitar samurai blade fade.” Welp, that’s not happening because Wally has to save Barry from getting blasted by this self-shooting rifle. The kid who camped out and filmed the whole battle and arrest on the low is next level gassed. Wally is so proud. Barry is not happy.


S.T.A.R. Labs: Everyone congratulates Wally for doing work out in the streets, but instead of praise from his mentor, Barry flips out something severe and tells the young man to follow his lead before his ass gets benched for the rest of the season. They find out Plunder’s name is really Jared Morillo and he has committed several robberies from Central to Star City. They side-eyes get broken out at Barry, but aint nobody got time for that cuz HR back out here in super hype mode. It’s the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum soft opening… but, to his dismay, not a damn soul is in the building. HR is sad, Barry is mad and Julian’s shifty ass walks through the door ready to accept their Caitlin’s offer. Ayebody lookin at her like, join what now?

[quote_simple]Sidebar: Caitlin is the loneliest person on the planet with all this depressing ass piano music talk. Always needing someone to help her through something. Always clinging to the first man she can find. I’m sorry if I’m being insensitive but she needs to toughen up and get on her strong white woman flow. Is that a thing? idk but she need to try it out.[/quote_simple]


Barry brings Iris down to the Time Vault to reveal the truth about his nightmares. He shows her the future newspaper with her name removed. The violin music starts stringin when he tells her that he didn’t cuff Plunder because he wants to change that future, where she is is brutally murdered. Barry promises on BOTH his parents that he’ll figure out a way to save her and protect her. Both parents! BOFUM.

They decide to tell the team about the future, so Cisco and Barry devise a plan to have Cisco vibe them into the future to check things out. Turns out HR is in the future this time. A big difference from last time. Homie got a rifle pointed at ol Savi’s head just waitin to bust grapes. They realize the future can indeed be altered if you got the gift of sight..or super speed.

They figure the best way to right all the future wrongs is by relaying as much info as they can to the team in present day. Things are lookin dope too as a blessing comes in the form of Plunder escaping jail. They can officially do this all the right way: change that news report so that Flash doesn’t bring Plunder down, stop Caitlin from transforming into Sub-Zero’s baby sis, stop S.T.A.R. Labs Museum from closing and hopefully Iris doesn’t die.

Barry and Cisco return to the present and get to work. Barry remembers that Plunder is going to rob the C-City banks. He pulls Wally aside and tells him he was on some fuck shit earlier. They run down Plunder and get ready to take dude down.

Plunder launches some mean looking lava lamp lasers(?) at Wally, but the young buck goes Matrix on em. Unfortunately, this youth still learning and got air cannon blasted in the chest and knocked the fuck out! Flash helps him recover then talks Kid up and they back on the the prowl. In this next scene, Plunder’s gatling gun of evil fun is finally put on full display. Wally tries to let Barry “have this one” but Barry knows he has to change that headline and make Kid Flash the printed hero, so they get back on his trail. They runnin after dude like T1000 chasing down Arnold T800 and John Connor. This mufucka pullin out blasts of Miles Morales meets Cyrax thousand watt web walls. This rogue out here sprayin shotgun grenade spreading and exploding bullets! Our boys been listenin to that new Big Sean though, so they got the moves. Kid Flash knocks Plunder’s weak ass off his bike and captures the bad guy as the crowd goes wild! The streets is talkin that new favorite hero talk, and his name is Kid Flash.

Late Episode Shockers

The museum is open and actually bumpin! Hologram is working nicely and the place is nerdy lit!

Iris and Barry back at the crib setting up for some pawty. They calm their nerves and in comes Wally with plant, HR with reptile, Julian with sorrow and deadly stories just as he got accepted into Team Flash, and the greatest dad on cable television, Joe West with an adorable pic of them.

HR got that mouth goin off the liquor again! This time he actually slurs a pretty great speech: “I don’t know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to each other than you two… To Barry and Iris.”

Out from a breach appears a woman looking for HR. Xena Warrior Huntress flow? I’m wit it.

Flash Facts

Greatest line of the episode? Gotta be: “Hang on, McFly. I’m about to vibe you back to the future.”

The little hate filled/love filled relationship between Cisco and HR was something special. Cisco had genuine annoyance and disgust for HR when his soft open failed, hologram failed, and couldn’t help with Cisco’s tech projects. But as soon as he saw HR get down on himself, he had the ill speech to bring the homie back.

Although I think the show needs to slow it down with the past and future timelines, I think the writers are doing a good job tying up loose ends and filling in plot holes.

If you haven’t heard, the Supergirl/Flash crossover musical was said to drop in the next season or two. Guess what y’all, ITS HAPPENING THIS SEASON. How do I know? Well, they announced it. But also because of the future headline Easter Egg of “Music Meister Gets Six-Figure Book Deal.”

Another tid bit of teaser news, “Central City is still recovering from being attacked by gorillas”. Grodd is bout to return to C-City and he bringin the squadddd!

If you need that 1st half of the season refresher, check out the season 3 recaps here!

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