The Flash Recap: Escape From Earth-2

Season 2 / Episode 14 / The CW

And you say Central City!

This episode begins just a tadddd bit differently from our usual Flash episode, as this one begins with Zoom putting the hit out on Earth-2 Wells. Ya boy is out here placing Wells Wanted signs in the hands of cops and setting the sides of skyscrapers on fire in the fashion of “Bring Me Wells”

You already know we pick up on Earth-2 with Barry and Cisco all up in the danger zone. Zoom done sliced Deathstorm’s spin to pieces and ended Reverb’s life in one foul swoop. Now he got his heart set on finding Wells so he can sap that Flash speed. Harry the smartest dude on the dam show and is on the run. Cisco shows up at E-2 S.T.A.R. Labs to gives Harry the run down on the warehouse battle. They decide to utilize Earth-2 Barry. For what? I have no clue, dude looks like the biggest herb this Earth has ever seen.

Zoom arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and their security team gets taken out with EASE. Harry and Cisco grab a couple burners and hide in Harry’s secret time room (da fuq?). They get away from Zoom with this dope fake wall trick.

Barry down in the dungeons looking for a way out of the cell. Jesse over in the cut being all pessimistic and shit. The third prisoner is a man in a mask (that looks strangely similar to Diggle’s mask on Arrow). He keeps banging on the cell wall in what is probably some code… but they haven’t realized that yet. Barry trying to sound inspirational and whatnot when Zoom shows up and tells them that he will murder each and every one of them one day.

Earth 1: Jay miraculously stabilizes the breach so the homies can come back home when they are ready. Caitlin is tweaking the speed steroids and has V-8 up on deck. They making Jay worse but he’s down to keep trying.

Earth-2 CCPD: Lame Barry explains to his wife, Detective Iris, that the Barry from yesterday was an imposter and enlists her help on tracking Zoom. Iris recommends that they question a Meta who used to work for Zoom so they set their eyes on Killer Frost. Barry does what he does in this universe and nerds out on her location so they all head to the forest. Lame Barry trying to act like a tough guy, wanting to join the mission. He weasels his way on and is told to stay out the way.

Zoom Cells: Barry is trying to decipher the code that the man in the iron mask is using. Jesse has remained doubtful of everything until Barry gets her to warm up. She begins to uncover some tendencies in his knock and discover that it’s a code used by POWs.

Earth-1: Caitlin has finally discovers Velocity 9! They celebrate by exploring each others mouths with their tongues. Iris rolls up on Jay and asks him for some quotes for her article. Just when he declines, Geomancer Geodude pops up on the TV screen and starts causing tremors and shaking the foundation of a giant building. Jay demands the V-9 and we finally about to get some OG Golden Age Flash hero dopiness!

Jay up in this bish saving everybody. I don’t know where Geodude ran off to, but Jay crushed the old school hero game.

Zoom Cells: They start to spell out homie’s message. J-A-Y. Jay Garrick. Barry is confused and the masked man looks disappointed. Zoom shows up and tells The Mask to shut his metallic mouth and pays our boy Barry a visit. He phases through the glass cell and decides to destroy every muscle, bone, and extremity in Barry’s body. I’m talking every cell!

Yo each time this cat Zoom decides to unleash some fury on The Flash, this guy has coma ramifications on his mind!

Barry got that ass beat like a Jared Leto in Fight Club. This plague of evil stuck Barry in a box and American History X’d our boy!

Earth-2 Forest: The E-2 gang shows up at Cailin Killer Frost’s lair and asks for her help. She throws up the middle finger and starts firing. They battle and eventually get the drop on Frost. Cisco gets mad CW violin and piano music soft on Caitlin and she caves on Zoom’s location. They’re off to Ascension Cliffs! Killer Frost shows them the way and Lame Barry is SHOOK. Iris tells him it’s okay to be soft but Barry isn’t leaving her side. It’s kinda cute.

Ascension Cliffs: Barry has essentially been banging his head on the walls, repeatedly, trying to phase through the glass walls. Jesse suggests he’s vibrating at a different frequency because he’s on a different Earth. Yeah duh, Barry. That Earth-2 fact been dropped. Is he serious? Or was that scene just an excuse to show how much smarter Jesse is than her father? I’m going with the latter.

Earth 1 S.T.A.R. LABS: Geodude shows up and start wreaking havoc on the structure of the building. Caitlin and Iris are on the run and about to be murdered when Caitlin zaps homie with this electric MetaHuman bear trap.

Geodude gets locked up and is on his way to Iron Heights as Jay and Caitlin start making out after learning that the V-9 is helping to repair Jay’s cells. Aaaaaand alarms start blaring because the breach is unstable again. Geodude tore up the stability and Jay and Caitlin are put back to work.

Ascension Cliffs: The E-2 gang find Barry and the other prisoners. Wells is reunited with his daughter and the waterworks flow. They point out that Frost is helping out the gang a lot more than anyone expected. She tries to freeze Barry’s cell window wall. Brainiac Wells says that it’s made of carbide, which won’t allow any of that rescue shit to go down. Barry wants them to bounce but Cisco remembers the No Hero Left Behind act. E-2 Barry talks to his superhero counterpart about how brave he had to be to climb up that Wall guarded by the Night’s Watch, earlier today. He gives OG Barry the ill pep talk about how The Flash must do the impossible today, just like he did.

Barry puts his hand on the glass, tries really really ridiculously hard, and finally breaks free and escapes his cell. Buuuut Zoom shows up and gets ready to murder death chop Jesse until Killer Frost puts the agent of death on ice. Barry vows to come back for the homie in the iron mask and goes to get the rest of the squad to safety. The dude in the cell is just sitting there like:

Back on our world, Jay and Caitlin are discussing some wild ass science jargon about stabilizing the breach and creating a vortex so Jay doesn’t get sucked in. Joe steps ups to help. Jay goes to work on speed-creating a vortex, Joe is ready to flip the switch, and the Velocity 9 is running out! But they manage to pull it off and the breach is stabilized.

Barry flashes the team from Ascension Cliffs over to S.T.A.R. Labs and everyone says their goodbyes. Harry decides that the only option he has is to go to Earth-1 with The Flash and Cisco. Jesse and Cisco fly through the breach first. Flash is back on the other side about the take the big leap when he notices that Zoom has Wells yoked up like a rag doll. Harry and The Flash hit Zoom with a little trickery and Wells shanks Zoom real quick and they are back on OG Earth in an instant.

They make it through and Jay tosses a Breach Bomb so they don’t have to deal with Zoom until they’re ready. The breach goes boom and is imploding when Jay’s dumb ass is gonna get close enough to the breach to get snatched up by Zoom and yanked back to Earth-2!

[title type=”h2″]Flash Facts[/title]
Caitlin’s Loved Ones: 0-2. Another one bites the dust!

Fan Love: Shout out to whoever got this shot:

Central City Picture News: Iris acting like Butters, pimping out her friends, promising stories about the new Flash.

Mystery Man in the Mask: Who could he be? Everyone seems to suspect he’s the real Jay Garrick and the one that’s been parading around Earth-1 and putting the game on Caitlin is Everyman, a shape shifter. But he’s supposed to be locked up. Hmmm.. We’ll see if the fan theories come to fruition!

2 Parter Episodes: Part 1 is always super lit. Part 2 can never live up to it predecessor, but this one was a good attempt. Missed an episode? Catch up on our previous Flash recaps here!

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