Season 1 / Episode 14 / The CW

We’re back in the bad man lands of Central City aka New Chernobyl post Firestorm split gate to see that it all worked out. Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond are separated and it’s all good. After being checked out at Star Labs, Ronnie was letting Stein know he was fed up on how he was hogging the controller during their fusion.

Ronnie: Way to be a team player.
Stein: Oh, oh, my fault that me being a genius meant i was in charge.
Ronnie: Word? You a Genius? Okay then why did you have us dressed up like we were working in Hot Topic trying to bring back garage band grunge and eating luke warm garbage? Explain that to me. Oh, I’ll wait. Genius deez now non-nuclear nuts man.

Meanwhile Joe West tells Barry Allen that shit is about to get fucking serious as he brings him back to his old house and shows him the images from the mirror which showed there was another speedster there that night and it was him (as it was his blood on the wall). He bout to hop up in the machine (no hot tub). Barry then finds out Joe had Cisco test the blood against everyone that worked at Star Labs basically to see if it was Wells’ blood. He trying to tell Joe, Wells is innocent and Joe’s like “yeah, I get that now” but on the inside he saying,

The crew is back at Star Labs talking all the possibilities of time travel. Joe’s like okay somebody put this shit in terms for someone that wasn’t stuffed in their locker.

The main man on the subject happens to be Dr. Stein. Over at Steins place he is going fratboy for pizza. Stein actually hates pizza but has Barry run a quick Dominoes pick up then starts talking that time travel physics before starting to feel a bit uneasy.

Meanwhile Caitlin and Ronnie are back on their day night shit. Ronnie wants to get the fuck outta town. He been merged to another dude as a nuclear plant for dumb long and seen a dude run faster than the speed of credit being declined. He is ready to BOUNCE. Caitlin ain’t shook of shit because that’s a regular Tuesday to her. As they discussing this tho, tranq darts start raining in. The army arrives and they are after Firestorm. Yo they hit EVERYBODY in that building with tranqs BUT Ronnie. Their aim is suck as hell.

Private: I think I got him. Wait, no, I hit the waiter…
General: It’s cool. I’ll tip him after this.

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Stein can feel that Ronnie is in trouble and sends Barry to help. We see General Irving come out doing the birdman hand rub thinking he bout to get his hands on Firestorm. Barry shows up but Irving hit him with the Sheik B-Button special attack from smash brothers which in this case is a box full of needles that are attracted to kinetic energy. Barry’s ass got caught ALL the needles. Ronnie duffs General Irving as Caitlin got the get away whip. Man, Barry is in a bad way at Star Labs. Cicso came in saying, “daaaayyyyuuuum”

After Barry gets unleaded we see that Stein was taken in to Star Labs because the army’s after everybody connected to Firestorm now. In the lab we see that these dudes are more in sync than figure skaters that got a perfect score across the board.

Ronnie stays with the West family which catches Iris by surprise. Her boss has this theory that Wells wanted the particle accelerator to go off and that muh fuckas keeping secrets in Star Labs. So when Iris starts asking who Ronnie is everybody acting like they gettin’ interrogated by the feds while trying to play Guess Who

Barry: Thats..her cousin!
Caitlin: Sam!
Ronnie: Yeeeeeap. Hellooooooooooo.

Everybody: Nailed it.

We see Harrison Wells go in to General Irving’s office. My man Irving said, “Hey Wells, I knew you’d be rolling in. I got some WD-40 for that chair squeak you got there.”. He tells Wells he bout to get him some of that Firestorm stock and that he knows Barry Allen is The Flash. Shit is fucked up in the Central of the City right now man.

Wells not having a choice, (that mofo had a choice) drugs the doctor back at Star Labs with some molly water. The army comes in and snatches him up. Ronnie is back in Star Labs feeling the effects of the torture the doctor is going through. He starts cutting into his arm asking “where” to see if the doctor can relay any information. Man look, I know times are desperate but I am not cutting myself to find out where my Firestorm partner is. Nope. I woulda used a magic marker and hoped for the best. Poor Professor Stein man.

Stein: Ow–OOOOOOwww-owwOOw! WHAT THE FUCK PART OF THE LAME IS THIS? “Where?” You coulda just did a freaking question mark Ronnie. Ughhhhhhhh! *sees military crate with location, starts tapping in morse code*. Morse code you assholes. Primitive mutha fuckas. See this is why I’m the smart one.
Ronnie: Tap–tapp…tap tap tap….tap..
Cisco: Morse code I got this. He’s in military base #17. Annnnnnnd he’s also calling you’re an asshole.

Ronnie is set to go with flash to the military base location. Wells surmises that they are so in sync the Firestorm matrix is pulling for them to be together again. Which isn’t that bad considering what might happen to Ronnie if Stein is killed. This time they have to except the change and be one and not fight it like last time. Barry arrives in time to pull Stein from catching the heat to the dome from General Irving. Outside Barry catches and spikes a projectile down (CAUSE THE BOY THAT FUCKING NICE) that covers him in an isotope that he has has to create a high speed vacuum to get off of him.

It’s up to Stein and Ronnie now to take down this army now. They prepare to merge and this time shit goes off correctly. Ronnie can hear stein in his head and they are both in control 50/50 this time. SHIT. JUST. GOT. ILL!!!

FIRESTORM WAS ON FUCKING FLEEK!! EVERYBODY WAS CATCHING THE TWISTED METAL 2 NAPALM ATTACK!! General Irving had to shut that fast with an ion blast that displaced their Firestorm matrix or some nerdy shit. Barry decked him after that for his troubles. His suit was fucked all the way up from that projectile too.

Barry: Ughh, Now i gotta explain why the suit lookin all Toxic Avenger to Cisco.
Barry: Ughh, Now i gotta explain why the suit lookin’ all Toxic Avenger to Cisco.

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Barry and Ronnie/Stein look at each other like yooooooo. We a fucking problem right now man! Let’s run off into the night all cool and shit right now! Right the fuck now! SOMEBODY GIF THIS SHIT!!

Ronnie and Stein take off because they know Irving ain’t going to stop till they in a pine box. They say peace to their lovers and friends. Also I don’t care what anyone says. Stein and Ronnie merge into Firestorm by giving each other dap / a fucking pound.


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Barry tells Joe West he bout to use these highlight reels from his mom’s murder as a blueprint to save her. At first he thought he was destined to lose, but now that he sees how he lost last time (which is about to be his first time once he travels back). The boy bout to get prepared for war. The Flash vs The Honey Mustard Flash round 3 coming! Also, Iris decides to investigate more into Star Labs. She knows something ain’t right. Sheeeeeeeeeeit the plot getting thick man.

Also, Wells takes up some unfinished business with General Irving.


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