The Flash Recap: Fastest Man Alive

Alright, at this point we’re slated for eight episodes in the first season of The Flash and I’m starting to wonder how they’re going to fit in enough of a thread of content throughout the series to build up the the final episode of the season, tentatively titled Flash vs. Arrow. In this episode we’re introduced to the second low budget villain who ceases to amaze in every way except for the fact that he’s worse than Episode 1’s low budget storm. Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Clone:

My name is Multiplex. ‘I am large, I contain multitudes.’


I’ma take a second to quote my homie and fellow staff writer for Black Nerd Problems, Oz:

*slow clap*


What was even worse to see in this episode is Barry Allen failing to capitalize on the most basic attributes of his powers, speed. The meeting in the warehouse with Allen and Multiplex leads to him getting jumped by five clones… five, doe? Ain’t like it’s 5,000 cats on you, you can easily dodge a few fists if you’re able to run away from five dudes shooting at you at point blank range. Oh and bytheway, you don’t need to run 10 miles away, you run behind them and knock ’em out. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like Allen’s team ain’t the best of fight coaches. This episode could have finished up right there but no, they have to develop characters and move onto the final matrix scene where multiplex learns the Kage Bushin No Jutsu:


Multiplex, my dude. I been doin’ this since ’99 homie.


BUT! With all this terror and tyranny, Allen defies the odds and finds the Multiplex original with a sweat bead creepin’ down his face and spears him half-way across the complex. Note to writers: May want to think of a better finisher for Allen to use. It’s like being in a street fight when dudes try to tackle you and hide their face instead of throwin’ them hands straight up. They must have hired the choreographer from Walker Texas Ranger to direct the fight scenes in this one. In other news, Detective West gets a good talking to from Harrison Wells about being a supportive father figure to Allen, and just like that, Detective West goes against years of non-believin’ to world’s most encouraging dad. Allen goes from six to midnight and this is as much as the writers attempt to endear you to these characters.


Yea, CW, we believe in the family values that The Flash attempts to instill in us.


We got six episodes in this season left to go, my nerds; let’s hope we get a cameo from Samuel L. Jackson or somethin’ cause these recaps are only gonna’ get more and more disgruntled with this show moving in the direction it’s been moving in.


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  • derpygurl (@derpygurlny)

    LOL! Ian, you win everything! When they set to beatin him not once but TWICE I had to crack up. “Animated” Flash would nevah have let that happen! And Multiplex? REALLY? You win the internet for using Naruto as and the Kage Bushin as a reference! I liked the first ep of this show and I loved how they jumped right into it (as opposed to #agentsofshield) and yes Barry has to learn to use his powers for good, but COME ON. And is it just me? Or for a minute there, did the Barry fight look almost frame for frame like the Neo/Smith playground battle in Matrix 2? #umjussayin. Oh and I really need Harrison’s facial expression to change at some point. I hope they keep coming up with crazy so you can keep writing disgruntled recaps.

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