The Flash Recap: Gorilla Warfare

Season 2 / Episode 7/ The CW

And you say Central City….hasn’t been the same since Zoom hit Barry with the re-open combos. We see him at Star Labs walking with a cane, lookin’ real wheelchair jimmy. It’s taken about a week for his spinal injury to heal. No one knows where Zoom is since he got clapped by Cisco with the speed dampener. Speaking of Cisco, my man is like yeah I’m sorry your body still feeling like a wet towel but ya boy got a date with fine-ass Kendra Saunders. We going to eat tonight and get that Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast in the morning.

Earth 2 Wells comes out and announces he getting the fuck up outta here since Barry got the Professor X cosplay popping now. He’s going to try and clap Zoom himself back on Earth 2. Caitlin is all, “don’t goooooo” as Cisco is ready to help him with his bags. Caitlin denies him that portal access tho so he has to do it on his own and find another. She later finds Wells at a bar plotting his return home. Caitlin then helps him realize they can shut down all the other portals to Earth 2 except one, thereby giving Zoom only one place to enter and leave. Cisco is on his FINE ass date with Kendra to see Princess Bride (a great choice). He grabs her hand then vibes this vision of a Hawk-person.

The fuck did this dude freak out and bail on Kendra after seeing that vision tho? BRUH, I would’a been like, “Welp that shit was weird… do you by chance cosplay as a Hawk person or nah?” or “Hmmm… so yeah about this movie.”

Meanwhile we see some nerd scientists doing nerd scientist shit when the old white nerd scientist suddenly goes blank in the face and punches through a glass door into a room containing some chemicals in cannisters. His co-worker comes up to him like what’s wrong baby and catches the ill one hitter to the mouth… Listen I see a dude (read: white dude) break into some shit and get the “I have entered the void face on” it’s time to beef up the resume.

Older white nerd scientists… Let’s call him Colin, he looks like a Colin. So Colin takes the canister outside and then comes to, and is like, what am I doing here?, Why’d I take this canister full of deadly shit out here? When did this giant gorilla get he– OH LORD HE BACKHANDED MEEEE! WHAT I DOOOOOO? Yeah, Grodd returns and either he’s stock piling canisters to toss at Barry like Donkey Kong or he’s up to some shit.

At the crime scene where “Colin” got merked we see Patti investigating and checking shit out before Joe arrives. We see that this is the second murdered scientist and he died because he was used to play wall ball about 40 feet from the ground. Patti asks how Barry is doin and Joe West not knowing the play-by-play fucks up the fact that Barry told Patti he was sick and didn’t want Chicken Noodle Soup from scratch, as he says he made some for Barry cause he hates the canned stuff.

Barry’s finally running on the cosmic treadmill and then remembers that Zoom hits the quan on’em.

Zoom done paraded his ass around like a Macy’s float and that ain’t lost on him yet. Barry got the key to the city and Zoom LOCKED THE CITY or rather CHANGED THE LOCKS on his ass. Iris suggests that perhaps it’s time to bring someone in that can reach Barry. Cisco is in the middle of explaining the weird shit he saw when he vibed with Kendra when Caitlin Snow cold cocks’em with the one piece (punches him…for the non-PoC’s reading).

Patti calls in to tell Joe that the hairs from the crime scene weren’t human, they were from a gorilla. Joe runs in to let everyone know Grodd is fucking BACK baby. Cisco then realizes that Caitlin punched him because Grodd was controlling her…and probably got tired of him talking. Son, THEY SEE THIS BIG ASS GRODD ON THE SECURITY CAM OUTSIDE BEFORE HE TAKES CAITLIN…BUT RUN OUTSIDE AND CAN’T FIND HIM!

Is Central City so fucked with weird shit now that cats see a gorilla walking around again and are like, “…mutha fucka ain’t bothering me none so that ain’t my business.” Joe then says the real shit as they regroup. “The fuck did nobody see this big ass gorilla? Shit don’t even make sense.” They try to get tips and sightings of Grodd to triangulate where he is holding up at. When Caitlin comes to, Grodd basically wants her to recreate the incident that made him in order to make other… it’s basically Grodd trying to be Cesar from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Caitlin can’t really do that but Grodd is not trying to hear that shit.

Iris got Henry Allen to stop by and check out Barry. Dad’s back and having to give his son the ol’ get back on the horse talk. Henry was like, “Yeah man, I saw that footage of Zoom hitting you so hard you shit yourself. I mean everybody’s got at least one story bout shitting themselves Barry and most don’t involve fighting a villain, so you ahead of the curve homes.” Wells and Cisco find Grodd’s location and plan on using Wells from Earth 2 to trick Grodd into think he is Earth 1 Wells/ Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash. Not sure how that works, when he could just read his mind but whatevers.

Caitlin is talking to Grodd when in walks Earth 2 Wells in the Reverse Flash outfit (mind you he had a awkwardly voice acting session with Cisco before all this). He suggests to Grodd to let Caitlin go BUT the original Wells never asked, he demanded. Which means E2 Wells gets a whole fist full of ape to the face.

THE JIG IS UP! Cisco rescues Caitlin with some Anti-mindblocking ear pieces he created, E2 Wells continues with the lie, and gets close enough to Grodd to stab him with some sedatives…

Alright lemme just stop here and say this episode is pretty meeeh because Barry isn’t running around but also — Grodd has telepathy sure but he is still strong as fuck. I mean how are these folks breaking his ankles and getting one over on him this easily? I mean Wells needs stitches but all in all they cross the dude over big time.

ANYWAY, back at Star Labs the gang is back together but realize they need to take care of Grodd. Wells suggests sending him to a place with others like him back on his Earth (GORILLA CITY STAND UP!). I mean he doesn’t account for perhaps the other gorillas thinking Grodd might be a dick but whatever. They still need to lure Grodd into the Speed Cannon to send his ass on his way. Henry is like, “My son’ll do it”. Man if I was Barry? I woulda been like the fuck I will my knee backs still hurt.

Time to get off the sideline
Time to get off the sideline

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But, that’s why I’m not The Flash. Caitlin uses herself as bait once again back at Grodd’s hangout in the clock tower, Barry gets her outta dodge, and has Grodd chase him.

Apparently NO ONE IN STAR CITY SEES THIS GORILLA GETTING HIS PARKOUR ON. He yet again gets the drop on Barry and gives’em the Donkey Kong side smash attack. Caitlin steps in to lure Grodd back to the Speed Cannon to send his ass away. Which works but Grodd is so strong he’s fighting off being pulled into the portal. Henry Allen gets on the horn and tells Barry it’s time to overcome his fear, which Barry apparently interprets as hitting Grodd at Mach 3 to punch his ass into the portal….when he coulda easily did the arm tornado thingy but okay.

Back at the Labs everyone celebrates the victory. They decide to trash the Reverse Flash costume but keep the ring so that Barry can store his suit in it instead of carrying around a bag all the time. Wells is going to help with that. It’s still unclear why the breaches on Earth 1 lead to different spots on Earth 2 but the group is going to figure it out together. Henry Allen gets some pics of Barry from his middle school years at Joe’s place. Dude called his own son a nerd… much like himself tho. He then hears about Patti and Henry looks at Barry like, “ummm she ain’t Iris so idc.” Joe tells Iris seeing Henry around reminds him that Barry isn’t his son, and he kinda wonders how things would have turned out if he did have one. Iris knows he might…or might not (we’ll all know at the mid season finale when the young gawd Wally West finally debuts).

Also Cisco corrects an obvious wrong and goes to Kendra’s job to apologize 16 candles style. He says he had to run off in order to handle some police business. Kendra is as forgiving as she is incredible as she forgives him and even kisses Cisco. Cisco then vibes her full on Hawkgirl attire and finally says, “Know what? doesn’t even matter it’s all good.”

And on Earth 2 we see Grodd make it to Gorilla City, the refuge where Gorillas experimented on by the military like him all roam free. I AM BETTING MONEY THAT this dude Grodd goin go in there and fuck some shit up. E’ryone’s going to be like, “ughh the new guy is a diiiiick!”

Grodd: I heard that
Gorilla City Citizen: I know…we’re all telepathic we all heard it. …I also said it out loud too just cause.

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