The Flash Recap: I Know Who You Are

Season 3 / Episode 20 / The CW

And you say C-City!

This episode right hereeeee my G!? They hit us with the Stretch Armstrong loooong game! Straight incline build up of atomic proportion!! Everest mountain climb carrying Rick Ross with Rock Lee leg weights on status. They gave the speed streetz a really well paced and amazingly shot episode that had a great midway battle and the Savitar reveal that we’ve all been waiting for!!

S.T.A.R. Labs: Team Flash is checking out the hologram flash drive that Emo Barry finally caughed up to OG Barry before he left the future. They’re researching Tracy Brand, the future’s genius theoretical physicist who wins a Nobel Peace Prize for the amazing work she does, including the tech she develops to stop Savitar 4 yrs after 2017. Iris suggests that she could be working on it now and I think, “Are they actually giving Iris something to do besides anticipate death?! Could it be?!?” Nope. They all collectively join in on the let’s locate Brand and see if we can speed this 4 year process up, conversation.

One problem tho. Julian in the cut mad as hell cuz the team isn’t actively looking for Caitlin. This dude actually sounding pretty genuine until his Draco Julian Dickfoy tendencies return when he throws shade at Wally for going to Earth-3 to see Jesse Quick bae. Cisco turned around like, “Oh nooooo this muthafucka right here DID. NOT!” Cis hit him with that Alt-Right Fact Checkin WORKKK!! He said, “Lookie here you fake ass Indiana Jones, old Doogie Howser lookin ragamuffin. Your selfish ass ripping off her necklace is the entire reason I got Facial Recognition software scannin like Big Brother in the streetz, Flash done circulated the city 648 times and I’m vibing for her every chance I get.” Julian shut his mouth real quick and the team heads out to CCU, where Brand does her research.

Central City University: They go find her and smell burnt toast. Its her burning all her research. She said fuck this weak ass science shit, I’m off to Big Belly Burger for a job. She bombed her dissertation, or so she thinks. But there wasn’t much time for pouting or consoling her cuz Killer Frost pulls up rockin frozen fresh threads, tossin ice mist hadoukens at the homies. Cisco freezes (no pun intended) when he had an open shot at her and pays the price. Flash does the first of many sacrificial dives as he saves Tracy Brand from sure annihilation and pays Frost back by droppin a sick new move. He finger flash sparks a flame and uses a torch to launch a Charmeleon flamethrower straight the dome, blasting Killer Frost back like 10 ft. Barry makes sure Cisco is good, meanwhile Killer Frost ghosts on em.

CCPD: They do a sketch of Killer Frost and it’s on point. Brand takes that as a sign of safety and bolts off to put herself into more danger. Joe and Cecile talk about that awkward ‘I love you’ line drop from the beginning of the episode. They act like it’s all good, but we all know it ain’t. Barry overhears cuz nobody on Flash can mind their own damn business. Joe tells him he didn’t think they were at that point, especially being all wrapped up in the Iris might die drama and psycho Savitar antics. Barry tells him to keep it real, she’s gonna find out eventually.

HR heads out to keep an eye on Tracy Brand by slidin’ into her Jitters DM. Over coffee, cuz HR a java savage, she tells HR that she thinks Speedsters get their speed from somewhere other than just themselves. He says, from somewhere that may be called something like a Speed Force?! She hype that someone isn’t looking at her like a 12th century leper and tells him she thinks there may be a way to control the Force, even if the university thinks she’s a crack pot. HR notices his warm cup of joe just turned into iced coffee, grabs the target and tries to dip out. The moment they step outside Jitters, Killer Frost sends an ice dagger soaring at Brand’s face but Flash shuts that shit down and saves her life.

He calls Killer Frost Savitar’s lackey and she Ice Man bridge skates out of there and that shit was dope as hell! She out here glacier glidin’ through C-City, rainin’ icy death on the team as Flash sets up Cisco to blast her into oblivion. This scene was an amazing blend of CGI and camerawork that produced sheer greatness. Of course Cisco is too shook to take out his old partner in science crime and gets Barry’s leg shanked the fuck up after he dives in front of yet another Frosty blast.


S.T.A.R. Labs: They bring Tracy back to the lab and fill her in on errythang. You bout to win a Nobel and develop the technology to trap an evil speedster for eternity. Shorty like, “Whattttt I’m basically Sarah Conner?!” They like, na. Olivia Pope’s dad. Miles Dyson, the scientist. They tell her she’s right about her theories about controlling the Speed Force..but not now young lady. This is all a theoretical future. They tell her they need her to get on her game and build this trap before someone close to them dies. AKA the drop dead gorgeous woman sitting right in front of her staring into the abyss.

Julian presses Cisco for not being able to drop Killer Frost when it matters. He’s scared of killing her and rather die than lose control of his powers and kill the best friend he wants back so badly. Get your shit together Cisco. You know Caitlin’s last text to you was a purple heart cuz she know y’all stay at war. Joe and Barry talk about Cecile again and Joe tells him he likes having one normal thing in his wild life. He debates telling her and ruining their normalcy, or keeping their secrets to themselves and losing her. Barry has said all he can say.

HR loses Tracy, cuz he was probably daydreaming about their future children. They look at the future hologram flash drive for help and notice a commonality among a few of her images. Galileo. She’s obsessed with a 500 year old Italian scientist so HR goes to the park where the statue sits and finds her. She got freaked out and intimidated by the fact that her insane ideas turn out to be true. She’s been nothing but a failure so this assured destiny spooked her. HR gives her a dope pep talk and brings her back to the Speed side.

Joe breaks things off with Cecile, but before she can go, Killer Frost puts an ice dagger to her neck and threatens to kill his brown suga bae. She tells him to show up at an undisclosed location if he ever wants to see her again.

Julian doesn’t allow Cisco to shut him out or shut him up, and tells Cis he believes in his abilities to control his vibe powers. He has faith that Cisco will do what has to be done to save the woman who got him smitten because his powers come from a place of love. No negativity. No hate.

Villainous Warehouse: Killer Frost is being a world class dick when Flash tries to convince her to come back to the “family”. She detonates a bomb hidden in the spot she knew Vibe would hide in and tries to ice Joe, so Flash takes another direct frozen mist shot. She puts Flash on ice and is about to put in that OT WORK when Vibe finally snaps out of his funk and hits her with a shot. They get into a stalemate blast battle and have a real ass Goku vs. Android 18 battle. Vibe digs deep down and hits Killer Frost with a mean Kamahameha type wave. Vibe quickly takes her blood before Savitar swoops in to steal Frost’s body.

S.T.A.R. Labs: They try to figure out how Frost could’ve been told everything that happens to such a close degree. They take a look at the blood Cisco collected and hope to figure out a way to find a cure. Brand notices that light reflects off Savitar’s suit differently than any other metallic compound she’s ever seen. She drops some science jargon about fermi liquid theory, strange metal, and being capable of dispersing friction at high heat. It seems Savitar needs the suit to survive, so they could theoretically build a device to harness and use his own power against him. They can trap him in the Speed Force and make their future become a reality.

By the end of the episode, Barry has finally figured it out. All the memories keep flooding his cranium and he goes out to confront Savitar. We see the scene from the very first episode of this episode where Barry tells ol Savi, “I know who you are” and I straight up roll my eyes and get ready for the ill cliffhanger…AAAANNNNNDDDD then Savitar proceeds to break out of his exoskeleton like a Locust Transformer and out comes a bootleg Anakin Skywalker looking Barry Allen from the future!

[title type=”h4″]Flash Facts[/title]

Sooo HR and Tracy make the perfect couple right? Had me dying when he low key asked her to marry him after she dropped the cayenne in her coffee line.

Did HR low key plug his Alls Wells That Ends Wells book?!?? Crying.

Star Wars fans are gonna have a field day with this one.

Really dope episode. One of the rare ones that feature a little but if everything and have a bug payout by the close of it all. Should be interesting seeing how the writers close out this season. They better give us some dam good reasons why Barry went back to kill his one true love. Oh, and they better not neglect that whole Sorcerer’s Philosopher’s Stone storyline from the first half of the season. We don’t fux with plot holes round here!

The season finale is almost here fam! Don’t worry if you missed any episodes. Season 3 recaps locked and loaded in the chamber right here.

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