The Flash Season 3 Trailer: Flashpoint

Barry Allen da Speed Force GAWD got that San Diego Comic Con trailer treatment and you know I was all over that Grant Gustin goodness.

If you’re like me, you first heard Flashpoint and went, “Da fuq?” and hit up your comic book guy who gave you the rundown on the stupidity of Flash’s decision to go back in time, save his mom, and alter everything that’s ever happened to him. I won’t get into the insane details of how different things were in the comic because they’re bound to go a different route for most characters on the show. Enough on that though, you came here for the visuals… and you gon’ get these visuals!

Here’s what we know so far:


Nora Allen is alive and well. Proud of her beautiful boy. Henry Allen never went to Rikers on that wrongful imprisonment bid and is still the 2nd greatest dad on television.


Cisco became the richest man in the country and has the ill corporate douchebag superiority complex. Joe West is a bit of an asshole who is all about his work and if you ain’t helping him solve a case you can Pokémon Go eat a bag of Pokedicks. Iris West has no clue who Barry is but is still the smart and beautiful lady that Barry got that Jungle Fever for!


The biggest reveal from this trailer falls on the shoulders of Flash’s newest star, Wally West baby! Speed Force enhanced, yellow suited, Kid Flash looking Wally West, baby! Oooow, the fans gonna be flipping their shit off this one!


A few Flash Facts before I close this one out and re-watch that trailer 26 more times:

Interesting new direction with the speedster suits in season 3.

No sign of Harrison Wells. Could Cisco be taking the role of the leading intellectual in Central City? Could Wells pop up as another, possibly more humble character? Anything is on the table.

No Caitlin sighting, but it’s safe to say that her new life should be just as intriguing as Cisco’s.

That new all-black speedster? Didn’t look like Zoom so I’m dying to know who’s under the cowl this season.

October 4th. Mark it down folks, as The Flash season 3 comes speeding in to bless us with CW’s hit maker.

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  • Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi

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