The Good Asian #7 Review

Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote / Artist: Alexandre Tefenkgi / Image

I’m not sure whether or not I first learned the term in high school English classes or one of the many criminal procedurals that I watched, but the concept of “parallel construction,” analogous elements arranged in similar ways, is just a fun phrase and also an interesting exercise. Parallel construction is meant to evoke both the similarity and drastic differences, and that is none more evident than with The Good Asian #7 building these comparisons between the Hui Long Killer and Edison Hark.

After seven issues, Pichetshote continues to astound with his ability to create a thrilling adventure story. With the revelation that the Hui Long Killer is actually half-white and the illegitimate and forsaken son of a millionaire, it very much makes him the perfect antagonist to Edison Hark, who at the start of the issue finds himself in dire straits. The killer has the cop at his mercy is always a fun trope to watch unfold, and Edison making rapid fire connections about the Hui Long killer while desperately scanning the environment for a way out a thrilling watch. Tefenkgi masterfully constructs the panels to give the perfect perspective on each page. We see the malice and rapidness of the Hui Long killer, we see the determination of Edison, and we see their parallel tracks collide with each other at a blistering violent speed.

The Good Asian #7

The Good Asian #7 is a brutal issue. This is a climatic moment in the backhalf of the series, and it’s one of the most intimate and violent issues to date. We get a lot of exposition about the killer, and then we get the ideological and physical struggle of two different types of 1930’s societal outcasts. It’s the type of stuff I live for. It’s the provocations of ideas that I myself have struggled with as a mixed Filipino-American. It’s the crystallization of a very complicated situation, and I adore it.

Pichetshote and Tefenkgi have come together month after month to produce one of the best crime comic, if not comic comic, of 2021. Every aspect of the textual and verbal components meld together to form a harmonious cacophony; a thrilling tale with intrigue and action and there are no signs of them slowing down as we race towards the inevitable conclusion.

9.6 “Pipe Bursts” out of 10

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