The High Republic #4 Review

Writer: Cavan Scott / Artist: Ario Anindito / Marvel Comics

If you couldn’t tell, we really like The High Republic in all its different forms. The comic itself continues to be a deep and engaging look at this era in Star Wars history. So far, one of the biggest draws to The High Republic is seeing the threats the Jedi face in an era without war or Sith as the main antagonist. As we’ve witnessed in The High Republic #3, dangers against the Jedi take many forms. 

The Drengir is such an interesting antagonist with a compelling backstory. As we saw in the last issue, they have the ability to infect and push people and Jedi towards the dark side. After corrupting Jedi Master Sskeer and taking Keeve, Ceret, and Marshal Avar hostage, we learn about the Drengir’s past. The most interesting part though is that we learn more about their connection to the Sith. It’s great stuff as we get a rather unconventional villain for Star Wars.

Jedi Master Sskeer gets most of the limelight in this issue. As we’ve seen over the course of the story, Sskeer has slowly been troubled by the influence of the dark side. At the end of the last issue, we see it and the Dregnir completely take him over, betraying his fellow Jedi. As we see Keeve and the other Jedi try to bring him back to the light, we get some great interactions and character work.

Every chapter of The High Republic reveals more and more about the Jedi of this time. There are a lot of little things to pick apart from some of the small interactions between the Avar and Sskeer, as well as the Jedi and the locals. Star Wars always works best when it dives into messy politics and how the Jedi Order operates as an organization. I hope we get more of that. For now, the action, main story, and characters are intriguing enough to keep going in another stellar issue.

8.5 Parasitic Vines out of 10

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