The Lion King Live Action Trailer Looks Amazing And Fans Weren’t Ready!

Bast praise the African plains and they mighty lions of the sacred Serengeti. May the goddess Isis bless this movie and the deserts, grasslands and Nile river that houses all of it’s CGI inhabitants because Jon Faveau’s Lion King is looking dammmm good!

The outstanding look of the his film cannot be undersold. From the sweeping shots of impala, gemsbok, zebra and elephants of the pridelands to the close ups of little Simba stepping into his father’s literal footsteps, Faveau has captured the Lion King look perfectly and is proving his worldwide success in The Jungle Book adaptation was no fluke. In today’s world of computer generated imaging, your success rides or dies on the look and feel of the world you craft and characters that move the plot forward. Well, we all know what each character will be doing and saying, so the scenery will be pivotal and good GAWD does Pride Rock outstanding. My man Rafiki rolls up with the young Prince, breaks open that bitter red root and anoints my cub and dem before presenting him to the bowing animal kingdom. For some fans, that shot of the Wildebeest stampede might’ve brought a few tears to their eyes, and I ain’t even mad. This trailer was the glory filled nostalgia we all needed on Thanksgiving.

With such a diverse cast of heavy hitters, (and all due respect to Avengers 4) this is shaping up to be the must-see movie of 2019. If Beauty and The Beast proved anything, it’s that these Disney remakes rake in the dough, and after this trailer, we could be looking at one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Donald Glover as Simba is as tantalizing as can be.

Beyonce as Nala was a sultry, sexy and smart move. Chiwetel Ejiofor is an insanely talented actor and playing Scar makes so much sense. Seth Rogan as Pumbaa tho?!? Great casting. James Earl Jones returning to voice Mufasa doeeee!!!!!!! I’m done. I’m lying. I’m as hype as can be. July 19th, get ready. Hit us on Twitter with all the hype gifs. Hit us on Facebook with all the hype comments. And if you got beef with the trailer you better come correct in your criticism!!

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