The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Anime Review

Listen. I would be a GOD DAMN liar if I said I didn’t get into this anime because I had hope it would give me some wholesome gay content. I think we all deserve a little bit (a whole lot) of gay, yeah? We’ve been deprived for long enough.

Upfront: The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited is cop propaganda. There is no getting around that. Justifications and the condoning of unethical and socially dangerous methods of bringing in alleged criminals is not The Way™.

This anime is a straight (lol), WILD ride. Topsy turvy from the get-go, we are introduced to the no-nonsense Haru Katō who is a recently disgraced Division 1 detective: unwillingly partnered with the wealthy and enigmatic Daisuke Kanbe. Daisuke’s habit of throwing money around to solve crime and utilizing his advanced AI to invade the digital privacy of citizens irks the straight-laced (hehehe) Haru. I get major Bruce Wayne/ The Big O vibes from this weird rich pretty man. The beginning episodes show a rocky start between these two which leaves me thinking: Will Daisuke melt the glacier-like exterior of Haru overtime? Will we see a blossoming friendship to rival that of Mulder and Scully? Oh, I am counting on it.

The animation from CloverWorks is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. It is clean and vibrant and oh-so-sophisticated which matches up with Daisuke well and contrasts with the scruffier Haru. Yugo Kanno, composer for the Psycho-Pass series, is in charge of music here and you can hear the similarities between the catchy tunes. The transition music and intro music brings the audience in on a journey with these two mismatched detectives. What that journey is going to unfold into is to be determined, but I have faith in the director Tomohiko Itō to give us something fun at the very least. However, so far it’s been pretty out there. I can’t tell if they are going to get progressively darker plot-wise or stick to a more outlandish and comedic kind of tone, but we’ll see. Episodes resume on July 16th, so make sure to check them out.

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