They’re Not Like Us #3 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson / Art: Simon Gane / Image Comics

The first two issues of Image’s They’re Not Like Us were interesting and captivating enough to have me strapped in for the next ten issues, at least. Issue #3, on the other hand, seemed relatively anticlimactic in comparison to the first two.

The series’ first issues did their job exceptionally well. They showed how unique and gritty the story is by showing us a world where psychics exist and do whatever they want. Now that the setting has been established, it’s time to focus on some story progression.

We’re shown the growth in Syd’s use of her abilities by utilizing “The Calm,” which appears to be a parallel universe that can only be accessed trained psychics. It appears that Syd’s powers set her life further off track than believed. After getting caught up in the moment of a fight in “The Calm,” Gruff makes a move on her and she reveals that that was her first kiss. It’s becoming apparent just how much of a social outcast she was in her pervious life.


In case this confession wasn’t revealing enough, we’re introduced to Syd’s aristocratic, entitled parents. Given that The Voice pretty much sentenced them to death by the hand of their own daughter, this appearance made it a little easier to swallow. They’re really not likable people.

Syd’s abilities are put to the real test, and she passes, and the group takes out more of their frustrations with society by beating up a pedophile whose thoughts they heard.

This issue served its purpose of moving the story along, and even gave us out first real glimpse of potential romance to balance out the violence. Every issue in a series can’t be a fast-paced high point. You often have to add valleys to your peaks to balance out the idea of story telling. This issue succeeded on that front.

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