Thor #13 Review

Writers: Donny Cates / Artists: Nic Klein / Marvel

You know, I don’t know what I thought Odin’s time after passing the mantle of king to Thor would look like. I shouldn’t be surprised that it involves crippling marriage issues, loneliness, and soul searching at the bottom of a bottle. It all makes for another fantastic issue of Donny Cates’s Thor as he puts Odin in the spotlight to make up for his past sins.

After Donald Blake thoroughly manhandled almost everyone in the ten realms (well, all except Throg, who know no equal), he set his sights on the World Tree to get Odin’s attention. It takes a visit from Jane Foster to convince Odin to join the battle, and it’s there we get a good look at Odin’s sad state of affairs since he transferred his power to Thor. It’s sad, expected, for a god, a very human existence he is living. 

Donald Blake has made for an unexpectedly great villain in this small arc. Blake is very much like a rabid dog, who you once thought fondly of but needs to be put down. I love the interaction between him and Odin. While Odin is completely at fault for creating and using Blake like a toy to teach Thor a lesson, the man is too far gone to save. 

It’s great writing on Cates’ part, combined with excellent art by Nic Klein that portrays the broken state that Donald Blake is in. In fact, the art gives all the characters the right range of emotion. Odin’s depression, Blake’s anger/insanity, as well as Thor’s frustration. All of these emotions come out clearly on the page.

We are entering the final phase of this arc. Asgard seems to finally be turning things around. I feel like I can see how this story is coming to an end. I would be pleasantly surprised if it’s any different than what is expected. Either way, I’m sure Cates and crew will bring it to a satisfying conclusion. 

9 Godly Marriage Counseling Sessions out of 10

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