Welcome back to your weekly recap of DC Universe‘s Titans. Last episode, we got to spend some time with Jason Todd and learn a little more about Dick Grayson’s circus family in the process, all while learning that for every line you think you’ve crossed, there’s another one a bit farther out that your replacement is much more eagerly crossing.

But now, Dr. Adamson of the enigmatic Organization is conscious again and he’s only willing to talk with Rachel, so you know things are about to go down.

***As always, we’re about to spoil everything that happened this episode.***

Getting to Know Dr. Adamson

We open to Dr. Adamson chilling in the shower of Batman’s Illinois based safe house waiting patiently. In the other rooms, Rachel wants to talk to the cult member alone, and Dick is putting his foot down with the typical “It’s too dangerous” line and honestly, he’s kind of right on the money. Kory is siding with Rachel given that Dr. Adamson is heavily restrained, and Rachel has a heft of power with her existential angst. Dick folds to five minutes, and Rachel is off to start the interrogation.

Dr. Adamson is a bit too happy to see Raven and a bit too kindhearted for someone who has been trying to kidnap her for the last six episodes. But, he has been waiting a long time to “help” Rachel with her dark reflection. Of course, Dr. Adamson tries to tell Rachel that she wasn’t placed on the earth to destroy, but to heal and save humanity. He then offers a demonstration…by slitting his throat and asking Rachel to save him. Rachel rushes in to stop the bleeding and with a brief touch it actually seems to work much to Rachel’s surprised and Dr. Adamson’s delight.

After the title card, Kory and Dick take over the question and answer sessions, starting with Dr. Adamson’s abundant knowledge on Rachel’s powers. Kory recalls that the prophecy regarding Rachel ends with the world’s destruction, but Dr. Adamson insists that it will purify and save the world. Dick, no longer patient with the musings of the old man, gets a little rough to get him to be a little more forthcoming and a little less vague. Turns out, the Organization’s true mission is to reunite Rachel with her father. Dr. Adamson’s inadvertently reveals the name of Rachel’s birth mother: Angela.

Quest Step Updated

Dick gives Rachel the good (?) news that Angela is alive, albeit kept prisoner in a place called the Asylum. Rachel seems excited by this prospect, but Dick tries to be the voice of reason and actually succeeds to the point where even Kory and Gar agrees with him. Rachel’s not happy with the vote and makes her exit.

Gar tries to make peace with his new friend and opens the conversation about Rachel’s healing abilities. Rachel is a little hurt; however, before Rachel can get too torn about it, Gar reveals that he was playing coy. Turns out, he got some in-universe acting chops from living at the Doom Patrol’s bunker, and he only agreed with Dick and Kory to get them to be complacent. Gar reveals he acquired Dick’s phone in the process and is more than willing to help Rachel find the enemy stronghold.

Meanwhile, at the Bat-Computer, Dick and Kory begin doing some reconnaissance on the Asylum. The Asylum has exactly as much security as you’d expect and then some. Kory offers Option 1: Team Explosion, Option 2: Solo Explosion before Dick offers Option 3: Stealth. Schematics reveal that there are tunnels that go underneath the facility that will likely give them access with all the fire. But when Dick goes to tell Rachel they have a plan in mind, he goes upstairs only to find that she and Gar have already skipped town.

The Asylum

As the snow falls, Rachel and Gar discuss the legal ramifications of using someone else’s Uber account. The two take in the scenery and muse about Angela’s current predicament. They get to the facility before long, and Gar offers a simple plan: push forward and see what happens. The two scurry around the perimeter for about three seconds before getting tased.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dick and Kory arrive at the Asylum themselves and begin exploring the tunnel system. As water drips, a drugged out Gar is pushed out to the light in a wheelchair before a small army boxes Dick and Kory in. The woman in charge mentions that they also have Rachel, and she has no qualms about killing anyone if Dick and Kory make the wrong move. Kory’s eyes glow a brilliant shade of green, but Dick diffuses the situation but pointing out the gas lines would kill everyone and not just the bad guys.

Jump to Dick restrained in a padded cell. The woman talks over the PA and begins explaining the drug trial he’s about to endure. Two orderlies come in and inject an orange liquid right into Dick’s neck and he’s knocked out cold.

In a darker cell/pit thing, Kory tries burning her way out to no avail. The doctor seems happy with Kory’s frustrations, especially once her powers burn out. This time a gas pours into the room.

In yet another section, Gar is getting electrocuted repeatedly as a man tries to get him to transform.

Rachel meanwhile wakes up in an office, conversing with Dr. Adamson who is preparing some tea. Dr. Adamson fills Rachel in that the rest of the Titans are under observation and that he and the Organization are really vested in reuniting Rachel with her father. Dr. Adamson confirms that Angela is in fact alive, but he won’t be arranging any sort of maternal reunion. Angela was of course the first person to separate Rachel and her father in the first place. It turns out the only reason they kept her alive was to find Rachel, but now that they have Rachel, the equations have changed.

Clinical Trials

Kory finds herself strapped to the operating table with a feeding tube as two doctors use a laser to cut her midsection open.

Dick finds himself on a cold cell floor in his Robin costume, struggling to stand. A voice on the PA insists that Dick is very much Robin as much as he refutes. Back in the command room, the woman in charge is impressed by Dick’s resistance to the drug and ups the dosage by 200%. Orderlies go back to the room and inject him with even more drugs. Dick fakes a heart attack and attempts to fight his way out and succeeds in getting the door open. Problem is that the drugs are making him sluggish, and he’s stumbling all over. The woman on the PA taunts Dick as he continues to struggle, before he slumps back onto the floor.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On the other side of the hallway, Dick sees a hooded figure who he wobbles towards and it turns out it’s YOUNG DICK GRAYSON… who proceeds to beat current Dick Grayson so hard that he flashbacks back. Young Dick Grayson has some angry issues and takes them out by throwing current Dick out the window and into what appears to be the Batcave. Young Dick Grayson is unrelenting. He exclaims how “Robin was supposed to be the answer,” but Dick, not Batman, not Zucco, ruined the symbol.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We zoom out of the bad trip to see Dick unconscious, still in the chair.

Conversations with the Devil’s Advocate

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Back in Dr. Adamson’s office, he tries to convince Rachel to convince the rest of the Titans to join the Organization. Dr. Adamson posits that the alternative would be continual suffering as three camera feeds show everyone in various levels of pain. Dr. Adamson lets Rachel know the easy solution is to just call her father, but before Dr. Adamson can finish his appeal, Dark Rachel makes her appearance and undoes the healing she did earlier and my God, that’s a lot of blood.

Rachel snaps back into her regular self to see Dr. Adamson dead, immediately hops on the computer to get the information she came here for, and grabs the fob. She makes her exit into the depths of the Asylum. She sneaks her way further and further into the building to find her friends.

Meanwhile, the woman in charge of the Asylum walks into Dr. Adamson’s office and calmly alerts security that Rachel has escaped before walking right back out.

Rachel opens a heavy fortified door to find a woman mumbling. When Rachel calls out to Angela, she responds although she doesn’t believe Rachel is who she says she is. Rachel turns to reveal her birthmark, and the two have a touching reunion. Angela immediately realizes that Rachel needs to get out. Angela tells Rachel that they need to run, but Rachel is duty bound to her friends. The two make their way back out to the Asylum to save the rest of the Titans.

Escape from the Asylum

Gar is currently curled up in a cage, but thankfully he’s the next step on Rachel’s breakout tour of the Asylum. Gar’s clothed in darkness and a little shell shocked. A man in a lab coat makes an entrance, but Gar is not having any of this fuckery today and immediately turns into a tiger and gets some vengeance for the earlier medical experiments. He doesn’t get too much time to reflect on his first bite of human flesh, since there are still two more to rescue.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Next up is Dick, who is still very much drugged out. Angela informs Rachel that Dick may have been broken, but Rachel tries to reach him in his chemical induced daze. Dick spurs at the reminder of his promise, and now only one Titan remains.

Back in the operating room, the two surgeons are surprised by Kory’s limited, but potent, regeneration. They poke, prod, and start to amputate a finger before the Titans rush in to save the day. Gar puts his medical training to good use and takes the intubation tube out.

As the alarms sound, the five make their final escape. The guards try to stop them, but Dick is having a rough day and has some aggression he needs to take out and makes short work of everyone in his path. The Titans saunter out, but Dick suggests a much more bombastic exit.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The woman in charge runs down only to see Dick and Kory casually debate arson. And then very purposefully, Kory commits arson. As the Asylum burns, the Titans glance into the fire and watch the embers burn. Dick looks at the debris of his costume and tosses his domino mask into the fire before we fade to black…

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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