The ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer Needs a Hint More Punching

Nearly a decade later, Lara Croft returns to the big screen
  • The latest Tomb Raider trailer was released, starring Alicia Vikander as video game icon turned live-action film heroine, Lara Croft. I’m watching this trailer, and I’m waiting for the moment where I’m like, “Damn! This movie is going to be hot!” because when I think Lara Croft, I think action. Violence. Death-defying circumstances. Lara Croft is supposed to get your heart racing. I never got that moment. I don’t feel that heat here. Although, we go through some pretty shitty circumstances in this film, judging from what we’re given.

    Vikander, who has been in Ex-Machina and Jason Bourne, so I’m assuming they are no stranger to violence in a movie, is shown: jumping into the ocean during a storm, being held hostage, shooting people with arrows, bouncing around in a raging river, and so much more. But it all seems tame to me. The cuts seem too short, and there’s just not enough hand-to-hand combat for Lara Croft to display her full badassery. Most of it just seems like her running and shit, which is fine but doesn’t quite satisfy. It’s always a possibility that they might be saving the best scenes for when people see the full feature.

    However, just judging from this, it’s super lackluster. You never want an action film to be boring. That’s the one thing it should not be described as. Can it be stupid? Fine. But vigorless? Get the f*ck out of here. Another thing, Daniel Wu star of AMC’s Into the Badlands stars in this film alongside Vikander as Lu Ren, a ship captain. I barely see them in the trailer, which makes me worried. How big of a part will they play? I feel Wu is an incredible force on screen, and I feel like for a (probably) big-budget action flick like this, they should be using all of their talents to bring out that intensity their fans want.

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