When I first heard that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was getting a remake, I was hype! As somebody who played these games since Playstation 1, this remastered version is as much fun as I remember the game being when I was younger. The graphics look incredible. What makes it perfect is that even though there are some new controls for combos, the old tricks and button combinations are still the same! It’s like riding a bike!

No New Friends

The same team that worked on the original games worked on this remake as well. I was hoping that it would keep the same arcade-style of gameplay. The improvements give the game a fresh feel with new additions without losing the true essence of the game. There is a lot to do when you first start the game. There are many things to unlock such as customization items, skaters, and an abundance of challenges that will help you earn money and accessories.

The game features “No Bail” and “Perfect Rails Balance” gameplay where you can attempt tricks and combos without penalty. This is very useful for newcomers and those who want a stress free playthrough. I mean, sometimes you just want to grind a trail and look cool doing so without wiping out. The classic moves like the ollie, grab, and manual moves are still here but feel a little more real when performing them. The body movements and the weight given to the characters when landing certain moves gives the experience a whole new feel.

All the levels from the original games are available with a vamped up look for the new-gen consoles. What I enjoyed the most was skating through the streets of New York, the Warehouse, and the Hangar. They were visually appealing, adding to the nostalgic experience. The only downside to this new design is when you have an objective to destroy objects, it’s harder to find them since they blend in so much.

The return of the Create-A-Skater and Create-A-Park modes has its pros and cons. While the Create-A-Skater feature looks visually appealing, it has its limitations in terms of face and body modification. The Create-A-Park feature is endless in terms of customization options. You can spend hours creating a park that’s right for you!

More Multiplayer Matches

They have online matches where you can compete in random challenges against 7 other players. You have to complete a set of objectives to get to the top spot. These challenges range from getting the best score within a certain time limit, doing combos, or my favorite one, graffiti mode. In graffiti mode, you have to tag as many objects as you can by doing tricks on them. After a while, online mode gets a little boring as it becomes overly repetitive.

Playing this remake brought back some great memories. It’s great to see they stayed true to the original games while giving it a fresh coat of paint. This game is fun for fans of the original series and newcomers who didn’t get a chance to play it back in the day!

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