The Ultimates #10 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort, Djibril Morissette / Marvel Comics

And here we go! We knew Civil War II was going to spill over into Ultimates as Carol Danvers is at the charge of it and good lord. Good lord, we get that shit on and poppin’. When Ulysses envisions a brief case that a woman is carrying as key to a cataclysmic event, Carol steps in to contain the situation. The only problem is, this average worker hasn’t done anything yet and the briefcase she is carrying is just that, a normal briefcase.

This issue isn’t about Ulysses’ mistake so much as it is about the approach that’s being taken toward these events. We see a cop being very hostile towards the young woman in question and Adam Bradshear has had enough because he knows where this fuck shit leads. Adam isn’t the only person who’s fed up with the way things are going (or Carol talking greasy to’em) either.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.31.42 AM

America Chavez reigns supreme this issue as she takes a very clear stance; she knows how it ends once future predicting mechanics work their way into things. She’s seen it happen in other universes and it ain’t ever for the better. Chavez has been the strong silent background type for much of this series, Ewing finally has her stepping out of that role and telling us how she really feels. Rocafort and Morissette were in sync with Ewing in the art for this. There is something more this time in the art as we see the disdain growing within Bradshear, Monica pleading with him and then America Chavez pullin a ’96 source awards. Keep in mind while all this is happening, Thanos is making his moves in the background.

Ultimates has yet to disappoint and it shows no signs of even coming close to doing so.

8.8 “Portals on portals on portals” out of 10

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  • justdash83

    I love this book, but I wonder if Ewing (and all of Marvel now that I think of it) have forgotten just how powerful Blue Marvel is. This is the guy that took on King Hyperion. This dude fought Sentry to a stalemate. A nuke blew up in his hands and he was good. But in this book and others they made it look like he needed help taking on Thanos. They showed him on Captain Marvel’s side of the Civil War in issue #4 of the core miniseries yet Iron Man claimed his side had more power. He could beat 90% of Iron Man’s squad by himself. Still, love the focus on America Chavez.

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