Ultimates 2 #3 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Travel Foreman / Marvel Comics

Yo, it’s looking like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out in space, fam. Lord Choas and Lord Order straight up 187’d the living tribunal. Galactus and his heard Anti-Man are straight up like, “Oooooooh shit they shootin’?!” The living Tribunal told everyone that there’s a new hierarchy and a new status quo since it’s a brand new universe. Chaos and Order took that shit to heart and straight up started showing their ass to the extreme. Al Ewing is really having these cosmic entities going through their on Civil War but there ain’t shit civil going on out in the solar systems. Listen man, Ewing is going to get god body status for this. We’re seeing these cosmic characters in a new light, eternity is chained up, Living Tribunal (the embodiment of law and justice) just got the clapping, Chaos and Order letting them choppas rang out against Galactus and Anti-Man is on the run to warn everyone.

This is how you deliver an interesting story people, we’ve had build up and the pay off is here and right the fuck now. Let’s also keep in mind that while our heroes are teaming up in secret and dealing with this cosmic cluster fuck there is a new team gathered together as their successors. A lot of these people are either new or really obscure but Ewing is making it evident they aren’t a fucking joke in the least bit. We know they’re dangerous and that they’re able to break into Blue Marvel’s lab on some Black Ops tactical shit, mind you this is probably one of the most fortified places on Earth. This group calling themselves the troubleshooters arrive ready to fuck some shit up.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 7.58.04 PM

Foreman does an excellent job depicting all these scenes taking place throughout this issue. It’s literally a fucking space crime scene out in these galaxy streets. From the fight with Galactus to Anti-Man’s entrance to warning The Ultimates. The action is depicted as dire, high stakes, and we’re seeing fucking straight up battle damage on these powerful characters as well. When you got comsic beings getting fucked up you know the stakes ain’t ever been higher. Foreman draws these all powerful beings getting merked out by the new law of the land and it’s really fitting for this series.

We’re still no closer to finding out who locked eternity up but we got some major problems happening out in the cosmos with Order and Chaos running around. We’re getting introduced to characters (the inbetweener) that play major obscure roles in the grand balance of things and they come into play in major way. Ewing has set up a real First 48 in space vibe with this series with recent developments in the last issue and this one.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.07.39 PM

9.5 Clapbacks out of 10

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