We Are Robin #3 Review

Writer: Lee Bermejo / Artists: Jorge Corona, Khary Randolph, Rob Haynes / DC Comics

On everything I love, if you are a comic book fan and not reading this book then you are missing out. My gawd, my gawd, my good loooooooord, Lee Bermejo has our characters in the thick of things this issue. We got Duke Thomas and the crew trying to Hurt Locker-diffuse some bombs with help from the nest on their cells. Bermejo gives a range of character development for everyone — we see who has faith in what they’re doing, who is insecure, and who’s just freaking out at the entire situation. For his first vigilante night out, Duke Thomas is fairing well keeping a level head.

The dope game part of this issue is that while the group is diffusing bombs, a riot breaks out and we see a different sent of We Are Robin Agents come in to handle the situation, all led by Shug-R who is an obvious nod to Oracle as she runs point on communications. Now when I say another group of W.A.R agents I actually mean a freaking small army. You don’t hear me though, It’s a small army where that atmosphere be so black, breh, on everything. It’s a small army where that atmosphere be so POC!

The art team does an excellent job here once again, capturing how dark and grim Gotham is and using the costumes of the W.A.R. members as the color standing out on the page. There are so many new agents and so many variations of costumes, from those wearing hoods, to bandannas as masks, shades, and some without masks. The art team’s depiction of each character’s style of dress speaks so much about the person even as we don’t get any lines from them, only seeing them in the thick of the action. You can’t tell me if teens were out here being heroes for reals they wouldn’t be rockin’ chucks and bandannas, man! This is how super hero costumes should’a BEEN lookin’! Bremejo and everyone on art fucking nailed representation, diversity, and art imitating life.

There are a lot of big reveals this issue that I won’t get into. However, someone shows up that you knew had to eventually. With this character’s appearance we get a “parents just don’t understand” moment as all these new Robin’s are going to have to decide how they’re going to handle an authoritative figure (the biggest authoritative figure in Gotham) telling them to shut it down.

Listen man, I’ll be the first to ride DC Comics when they are fucking up, but this shit right here? This book right here? THIS THE SHIT WE BEEN WAITING ON FROM DC, BABY! Cop this shit, man. If you love team books, cop this shit. If you fuck with seeing the ground work for new characters from the beginging, COP. DIS. SHIT. BREH!

9.4 Dick Grayson thumbs up out of 10

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