Westworld Recap: Les Écorchés

Season: 2 / Episode: 7 / HBO

***Spoilers be swooping in like the Harbinger to take remote control*** Check out all the season’s recaps rightchea

Host, listen. Bernard waking up with that fake ass photograph in his hand trying to tether to some past that don’t even exist. Ashley wakes Bernard up cuz he got some concerns cuz Delos team don’t look like they here to rescue anyone. Well, not actual people anyway. They try to go get Charlotte’s Sat Phone, but they get headed off first. Gunpoint, actually.

They waltzing these dudes out in the dark with guns at their back cuz they believe these dudes hiding something. Turns out Theresa was murdered (shocked face). Now they looking for the key she was holding in the place that she was murked (hello Bernard darkness, my old friend). They think Ashley did that shit, but Bernard catching them flashbacks of when he delivered the fade himself. Well, sorta himself.

Before Bernard spills the good, they see a secret door behind the shelves leading to a secret ass room with…secret ass Bernard bodies. Like, a whole generation of Bernards. What in the fuck. Charlotte is like…I knew there was something wrong with your ass! I knew it!

Host Waterboarding For Amateurs

Man, now they just straight torturing Bernard via remote. Charlotte, who don’t now and never has gave a single fuck, interrogating our boy. Turns out all this shit is in the future as we flashback to the attack on the base and how we all ended up watching Bernard get the Bush era enhanced interrogation techniques.

Purge, Come Through

Bruh, Ashley telling these folks they need to get the fuck outta dodge, but these stubborn bastards from Delos trying to make sure they get this Abernathy intel first. Purge rolling through the halls like a straight up horror film. The teams getting sent to deal with them, and you knew it was over for these muthafuckas when the overconfidence started overflowing for these bastards.

They go down there and see the response team done took care of a bunch of hosts and piled them muthafuckas up like recycling. Except it ain’t hosts. It’s the response team. So guess where the hosts at? Presently, murder death killing the hell out of these dudes. Shit was straight execution.

Charlotte sees the writing on the wall and knows they ain’t got much time, so she gives the go ahead to cut open Abernathy and take the control unit.

They know some of the hosts are going for the Cradle, so they send folks down there to protect it. You know, where Bernard is presently plugged in like Neo.

What Happens in the Cradle will Probably Fuck Everything Else Up

In case you thought it was some funny visual tricks from last episode, nah, that is fucking Ford playing the piano. Your boy is back like he never left, reciting poetry and saying cryptic ass shit. Welcome back, Sir Anthony Hopkins. We truly don’t deserve you in our Premium Channel streets. Turns out, Ford lives here now, which is even more fucked up cuz this shit is just like the pilot episode, with Clementine, non-woke Maeve, all that.

Also, Ford back on his bars per minute shit.

“I don’t think God rested on the seventh day, Bernard. I think he reveled in his creation.”

So, yes internet, we were pretty right: that control unit that Bernard took before ordering the code red was Ford. But Bernard still ain’t seeing what this place truly is.

Brave New World Minus the World as We Know It

Ford hits the hosts with that Thanos finger snap, but everything freezes instead of drifting away. Turns out, the narratives haven’t changed much for 30 years not because it was easier to control the hosts, but that they were the control. It’s easier to get data on guests in a controlled environment so that, eventually, you can replicate them.


Ford still playing that “Free Will” was the universe’s mistake. Bernard is like nah b, this shit ain’t free, and you got to live forever. Ford tells him, well actually the shit ain’t refined yet. I only exists here, but I’m trying to tell you, I did this shit for y’all.

Though I Walk Through The Valley of Death

Maeve out here still on the run with her not daughter. Ghost Nation coming to collect on her, but William in Black in town too hiding from the same muthafuckas. Maeve trying to reassure her not daughter that it’s going to be ok and that she’s going to protect her.

And then the past walks in. WIB all up in your girl’s flashbacks when he came in and just murked Maeve and her daughter unconditionally. When he walks in for real, WIB still think Ford on that shit fuckin’ with him.


Maeve is like, yeah, I don’t know who that bastard is but I’m smif n Wesson spittin’ this hot shit. She shoots Ford in the shoulder and gets some more shots off before your boy ducks out of the cabin.

It’s an AI Firefight!

WIB taking cover, but Maeve done ascended fam. Hiding from her ain’t no simple shit when your girl done went Cyborg and tapped into the network. She out here like Ultron controlling other hosts and starts sending them at WIB. He thinks these dumb bastards are just walking into death out in the open, but they actually just marching up on his ass to deliver his fade.

After the third muthafucka done tried to claim his scalp, WIB looking up at Maeve about to deliver the killshot, but Lawrence is there to intercept. She can’t control Lawrence, but she gives that bastard the power of memory, apparently. He start remember all the terrible shit that WIB has done to him over the years. Terrible. Shit. I mean, he got plenty of footage to run back. Yeah, WIB realizes the jig is up.

He goes to shoot Maeve himself, but Lawrence puts one in his gut instead. Lawrence bout to deliver the king’s justice himself. But…the calvary is here. And Lawrence gets shot the fuck up by merc squad. And Maeve too while she watches her not daughter get snatched by the Ghost Nation. They bout to finish off Maeve, but Lee jumps in and saves her.

Cradle Me This

Bernard still rolling with Ford towards some compound on the hill. Shit feels familiar to Bernard because it was the house Arnold was building for his family. Man, listen to this shit. Remember that scene where Dolores was “testing Bernard for fidelity?” So that shit was in the past. The deep fucking past. And it was the memory of Bernard that they were testing. Dolores knew Arnold better than anyone, so Bernard couldn’t leave this home until she fooled him into thinking she was actually like Arnold.

Gotdamn man, Westworld ain’t playing.

The reason Bernard worked and Papa Delos didn’t, is because Bernard was an original work, not modeled after an existing consciousness. Shit was pretty damn cool. And then…Ford takes that free will back. Just a straight up villain, my g.

Bernard Back on This Puppet Shit

Bernard gets pulled back out and Elsie is there to catch him. The system has been brought back on-line and now everything else seems to be working in the network.

Charlotte out here way too chill for this shit to be going down like this. Ashley fed up and wants to know the deal so he puts the gun to Abernathy’s head ’til Charlotte tells him what’s up. And she kind of tells him fuck-all. Don’t really matter though cuz the Purge comin’ through killin’ ayebody.

D-Block walk up in the spot, and Charlotte tries to negotiate with her. But like…why she even draw attention to herself. D-Block wants the key out, and Charlotte trying to tell her it don’t matter. Something tells me that Charlotte overplaying her hand.

Hosts on that Savage Pusha T Shit

Elsie and Bernard trying to get out of there, but Ford done took control of Bernard again and tells him to get rid of her. He sends her on a wild case so that Ford can lead him around by the neck some more.

Man…Clementine. I hate it had to be you. She went out like a straight up soldier though. Still wearing her baptism dress and all that.

Also, D-Block done figured out the game. She knows what folks want here, but she ain’t really about this “lettin’ y’all live forever at our expense” shit. Charlotte thinks the cradle is what they want so that they can continue to live, but D-Block is like, nah, you got this shit backwards.

But Seriously, Dudes are Idiots

So…I was loving this episode until this shit cuz even the most bullhead dick wagging NRA sponsored idiot wouldn’t let THE VERY PERSON HE WAS HUNTING sexually manipulate him into cozying up to him and blowing him up along with the drives. Come on man.

Eye For an Eye…

…but all the other parts first.

Fuuuuuck man. D-Block is for real about to give Charlotte the Hannibal treatment and give her a high and tight until Abernathy starts talking again and softens her up for a minute.

Teddy goes out to contain the threat, and he out here gunning down bastards like John Wick. Which feels appropriate when he runs into Coughlin and the two duke that shit out. Man, Teddy gets the upper hand and beats. That. Muthafucka. To. Death.

Yikes, fam. Yikes.

D-Block tries to have this moment with her pops but that bastard a lost cause, yo. She gotta take the control unit out of her head herself and sends him to that host heaven.

Map Room Got a lot more Color…

Lee, Maeve, and the mercs get back to corporate, but these dudes get called away cuz the whole place is under siege. Also, cue more Ford bars:

When the great library burned, the first 10,000 years of stories were reduced to ash. But those stories really never perished. They became a new story. The story of the first itself. A man’s urge to take a thing of beauty and…strike the match.

Ford is not here to play with y’all man. Got me ready to strike the match and shit. Then your boy make Bernard shutdown the system to give free reign to the hosts. I believe Doctor Strange called this the end game.

Package Secured

D-Block and the Purge got what they came for so they rolling out. She sees Maeve laid out on the gurney, and D-Block tries to rationalize this shit to her. Including how she done turned Teddy into T-1000. She bout to put Maeve to bed, but then ya know, free will and shit. So she let’s Maeve go.

Free Will, Officially Revoked

Bernard runs into some security detail. Your boy really just wants to go home, wherever the fuck that is man. Ford like, nah, we gonna “handle” this shit. Pick up the gun Bernard. And when Bernard resists…he tells him, it ain’t his fault. When he picks up the gun…and kills all these muthafuckas. Ghost of Ford having way too much fun with this shit.

Bernard wakes up after his murda hangover under the care of Charlotte and company. You know…where we came in. Charlotte finally gets the location of the Abernathy’s control unit. You know, where D-Block and Purge went. Now, why she still want smoke with them, I dunno, but that key better unlock the secret of life if they still trying to pursue that shit.

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