Westworld Recap: The Passenger

Season: 2 / Episode: 10, The Passenger / HBO

***Spoilers want to move on to the new world, but they gotta burn this one first.*** Check out all of this season’s recaps rightchea

Maaaan, listen. Sit yo ass down. Take in some of this natural splendor. And prepare yourself. We goin’ hard in the paint on this shit cuz this episode was muthafuckin’ crazy, crazier than the last episode that was muthafuckin’ crazy. Play them keys for the intro Ford!

“Is This Now?” Right off the muthafuckin’ bat, Bernard is speaking through us. Cuz folks really just want to know what the fuck is happening, yo. The Bluest Dolores is putting Bernard through the trials, trying to match that Arnold fidelity. She like, you know what, you almost there. But Arnold wasn’t perfect… so maybe we should flip that. I mean…Arnold ain’t fuckin’ make it, so revisions might be needed.

Bernard back in the near present as he makes his way towards the Valley Beyond.

Romeo Must Die, but Romeo Already Dead

And here go D-Block’s ole fractured ass. She out here like Juliet laying beside a brainless Romeo. Poor Teddy went out with a slug to the dome fam. D-Block felt real bad about that… right up until the point where she ripped your boy’s cognition out of his head and took the slug out of it. Welp, guess there’s work to be done.

D-Block keeps riding, solo as hell now, until she come up on William in Black. WIB been digging in his arm like there’s some treasure up in there or something. He gotta know every muscle in his forearm by now. D-Block picks up the gun he almost (should have) shot himself with and puts the slug in one of the chambers. WIB so fucked up he ain’t even hear a damn horse ride up on him in an open field. D-Block got the gun on him talkin’ about “Seems you’ve began to question the nature of your reality.”

They both reflect on how they’ve “driven their others away” without stating that both of them are fuckin’ dead as Dillinger. It’s wild that these muthafuckas basically helped create each other. WIB is like, we kind of ali–, D-Block is like fuck that. We ain’t alike. You’re a monster. I’m just someone that’s been mass murdering people and changing their core drives. We’re nothing alike.

Only VIP Entry

The Valley Beyond is the hottest nightclub in Westworld and ayebody trying to get in before 11 while they still doing drink specials. Ghost Nation leading a damn pilgrimage fam. They for real moving single file on their way to Mecca…

…along with the Pale Rider. Ugh, man, I am not ok with Clementine being used like this. She looks like a cross between one of the 4 horse(wo)men and a spectre from Witcher 3. She got that good plague all up in her DNA and she escorting Hale and the mercs as they try to take out the hosts.

Back in Delos proper, this same fuckboy with the novice beard got the saw ready to cut into Maeve. He talkin’ that wild shit like this is the end for her. He even turns up her pain receptors just to torture her before the cut. But MAEVE AIN’T PLAYIN WITH YOU HEAUXS. She sent out that mass email like To Me, My X-Hosts. They grab the surgeon up and hit that dude’s carotid and let that bastard bleed out before they patch her up.

Princeless (shouts to Jeremy Whitley)

Maeve’s New Narrative BAAAACK. They come through sniping bastards and find Lee’s cowering ass. Hector can’t even waste the bullets on this bastard’s tears, so they keep moving.

We see the Delos mercs waiting in one of the hallways in the ready stance, but some crazy shit happening by the frosted glass doors. Ain’t nobody budging cuz they don’t know what the fuck to expect. Were you muthafuckas born in May cuz TAURUS IN THE BUILDING! Them mechanical bulls came through like, THIS IS FOR THE GHOST NATION. THIS IS FOR MANIFEST DESTINY. THIS IS FOR TED’s MONTANA GRILL. They ran through them cats like Thurman Thomas of the Buffalo B– you know what, forget it. I already got what I came for on this joke.

Maeve stepped out like lookin’ like she the Lord of the Eyrie and shit talkin’ bout:

You both were takin’ too long so I had to save myself.


End Be Near, but Not Really

The Valley getting close for everybody and Bernard near the entrance. A buggy runs up on him, talkin’ about he ain’t authorized to be here. They got the SMGs pointed at him. Until D-Block and WIB roll up and dome these cats. Don’t let the mutilation of the forearm fool you, WIB still out here one tappin’ folks.

D-Block is all in on this reunion as she talkin’ about, Ford ain’t build Bernard, that shit got my signature. He wanted Arnold, D-Block was like…yeah, we bout to version 1.2 this shit. WIB is like, well, I got what I needed, so of course, he decides to turn on D-Block. He starts shooting D-Block and she just straight up T-1000 that shit. She took them bullets like it wasn’t shit while walking up on him. Just waiting till he got that slug and blew his gotdamn hand off. She leaves WIB there on some Misty Knight shit and takes Bernard into the Forge.

Bernard got that track skip going and he flashing…forward? He back on the beach, little less than two weeks later when the Delos crew trying to find out what the fuck happened. Guess that was right after he said he killed all the hosts. Delos got a signal and they pushing forward to the forge, having drained the valley enough to traverse the waters. They get to the shore and see some dead Ghost Nation which aint’a great sign. They walkin’ up on the Forge and Bernard sees the buggy he left behind when he came here the first time.

Also, can I take a minute to say that the score got this tension on 9,000. I felt like any fuckin’ thing could happen, yo.

All About This Good Forge

We flashback to when D-Block and Bernard came through and the Forge lookin’ real Ghost in The Shell in the key of red up in here. They got Drone hosts workin’ round the clock.

And time skip forward to Delos coming through. All the data is here, but locked up. Aaaaand D-Block is dead as fuck on the ground. That’s ominous. They still need the key though and only Bernard might know where it’s at, the key that was in Abernathy’s head.

Back in time, D-Block puts the control unit in place and they go inside…whatever the fuck that means. Bernard and D-Block go inside the data and just like that, they in Papa Delos’ testing center. They walk outside and there’s that natural splendor. They’re back at the beginning, sorta. It’s the baseline for when Delos first came to the park. They were running this consciousness through these paces. Of course…he was still an asshole then.

The Journey Inward Lookn’ Like Apocalypse Now

Turns out, when they let Papa Delos to his own devices, he became a homicidal lunatic. Not really a stretch. They keep walking to find the control system and roll up at what seems like the Delos estate in the real world. D-Block looking out at the skyline when the control system is like, maaaaan, you ain’t supposed to be here. Where the fuck security at. It’s Logan. Or, an imagined version of him extracted from Delos’ mind. This the smoothest Hal-9000 ever. He starts giving Bernard and D-Block the tour of Museo De Delos. There were 18 million versions of Delos before they got the one that made the same exact copies. But they still didn’t work in the real world. So Logan-9000 had to go deeper and discover everything about the person. Delos’ primary drive was actually Logan.

They arrive at Delos’ defining moment. Logan strung out and drunk by the pool and Papa Delos is like you ain’t got to go home…cuz this ain’t your fuckin’ home, so you got to get the hell out of here. Even when Logan told him he couldn’t fall any further, he still walked away. Logan OD-ed after that, so Delos was never the same.

Logan-9000 realized that humans are simpler than we anticipate once you find their core drive. They fit your boy Papa Delos whole make up into 1/2 price books YA novel fam. You could read through Papa Delos on a flight from Boston to LA fam. Yikes. D-Block is like…yeah, that muthafucka dead though. Show me to the livestock pleighboy.

Maeve and the New Narratives on horseback almost at the Valley Beyond, but the Delos mercs on their trail, so they try to lose them through the forest.

So Many Guests, So Little Time

Logan-9000 still taking D-Block and Bernard on tour, and he’s like, I got all the copies fam. What you need, 2 for 10. He makes note that most of them are soft but some are just fuckin’ Norse Mythology monsters like WIB. Bernard like, you just gonna let us roam this shit free and Logan-9000 tells Bernard that Bernard himself gave the instruction to let D-Block go and do whatever she wanted. Finally, they come to Wan Shi Tong’s Library and shit. Bernard can’t believe he wrote this blank check, but this is like getting that insider trading. D-Block getting all the Martha Stewart tips on guests so she can run this shit when she get loose.

Ghost Nation still marching to the Valley Beyond, but ain’t shit there. His lieutenant is like, fam this a long way to ride just to die. Then Akecheta hit him with the bars.

We’ve died countless times. If we are to die once more, at least the story was our own.

I was rooting so hard for these cats man.

Spineless Lee? Doesn’t Look Like Anything To Me

Maeve and the New Narrative are surrounded and this shit lookin’ like the end. Hector is like fuck it, Maeve you get clear, I’ll hold these cats off. He bout to launch into a monologue when Lee grabs him and is like nah…get gone fam. I got this. I wrote this shit anyway. This is like if Quentin jumped up on stage and start rapping the shit he wrote for Drake in the middle of a concert. Lee for real went out a G. Gotta give it to him…even though he probably died for nothing cuz it seemed like the New Narrative had gotten away. But alas. Lee…rest in digital, bruh.

While D-Block doing some light reading, Logan-9000 reminds Bernard that he built a virtual Eden for the hosts. Somewhere the humans can’t fuck with or see. And there’s the door fam, the one that Akecheta been searching for. They leave their bodies at the door, but their minds go to the great promised land. That shit lookin’ great, but D-Block is like…yeah, fuck your dead homies, run your hosts homies. She ain’t buyin’ this new world shit and she back on brand. D-Block start purging the guests data cuz she got everything she needs. D-Block is fed up yo. She don’t care about freedom anymore. She all about this blood oath man. Ready to set fire to every fuckin’ thing.

The Literal Host Apocalypse

Maeve and the New Narrative watching the congregation when Clem the Pale Rider shows up. She start trotting by the hosts and they lose their fucking cognition man. Just murda murda murda everywhere she touch, fam. Maeve is like, yeah, fuck this, I ain’t got the mana for all this. Clem spreading that code all over the damn place but Armistice is like nah b, we ain’t going out like that. She goes Red Dead Redemption and shoots Clem off her horse…

…doesn’t fucking matter. The code is strong with this one and the hosts still fucking each other up. Maeve bolts, still trying to find her daughter.

Well, look who woke the fuck up? WIB gets up and starts walking to the Forge with one hand and a large fucking knife.

The Choice, Part I

Bernard is like, nah, I can’t let you keep doing this shit. I’m trying to save everybody. He’s sure that D-Block will kill ayebody. Cuz…she will kill ayebody. D-Block offers to wake Bernard from the dream and he’s like, bruh, this is some Elm Street shit. D-Block reaches for the gun and gets shot right in the processing sensor…which brings us up to how they found her splayed on the floor.

Mayhem still raging by the door and Maeve on the mission to find her daughter. She tells her Magical Black Girl #1 and Maeve the sequel to run towards the door while she holds them off. Maeve for real saw the Matrix man. Put her hand up like Neo and stopped all the muthafuckin’ bullets yo. She basically sent out the freeze all motor functions to the group text. And then got shot. I was so mad. All the New Narrative dead before they could even drop that debut album man. Fuck these Human Delos bastards, man. They didn’t have to semi-automatic her like that. At least Akecheta made it to the new world and reunited with his love.

Bernard looking at the dearly departed D-Block and cancels the purge. Meanwhile, MIB is coming down on the elevator as Bernard takes the encryption key to the elevator with him. But…they don’t meet…so where the fuck is MIB at. Or rather…when is MIB…we’ll come back to that.

Elsie, the Shining Knight

Back topside, Bernard sees Elsie and Hale while the valley floods. He rides back to HQ with Elsie while folks try to figure this shit out. Bernard mad that Elsie helped Hale kill the hosts, but she trying to figure out how to convince Hale to keep him there. Hale tells her folks that the extraction team will be here soon. Elsie tries to negotiate some shit with Hale. Which was going well…until Hale was like, I know you ain’t a terrible person…and I can’t afford to have a good person keeping this secret so…half a clip of this Beretta in your chest. Bernard watches Elise get gunned down and that shit was traumatic. Elsie ain’t get full nelsoned by Bernard and live chained up in a fuckin’ cave to get shot in cold blood man.

Flash to the present and this shit starting to come back to Bernard during Hale’s interrogation. She’s still trying to find the pearl and realizes that Bernard hid that shit in Dead D-Block the whole time. They use the encryption key to unlock the system and start transmitting that shit to the mainland.

Forget What I Said About Elsie

Bernard is fucking breaking, yo. Flashback to after he watched Elsie get killed and he got buyer’s remorse on ending D-Block, cuz he see how this shit bout to go down with Humans in control. He tries to tap into himself to get Ford back, but no file is found. But the Warlock still up in here and Ford comes through. They discuss that host or guest, ain’t no real free will for them cats. Ford basically asks what Bernard is willing to do for Queen and Country.

Bernard keep apologizing and it’s making these cats nervous. Bernard keeps saying he had to make a choice. We get flashes of Bernard doing that tag team with Ford as it looks like they are building someone. Bernard in the present talking about he knew he was going to be discovered and so he put his brain through the blender and carried himself out to the beach. Meanwhile, something wrong with the file cuz there’s too much data on that shit and suddenly, everything looks fucked up. Bernard talkin’ about he killed them all, but not just the hosts. He thought they could be better than the guests but that shit wasn’t real.

The Choice, Part II

Maaaaaan, that host he was making? She lookin’ a lot like Janelle Monae’s bae. He done built a Charlotte clone and put D-Block’s consciousness in her. She kills EVERYBODY IN THIS MUTHAFUCKA.

Jesus man. Dolores in the Flesh. Bernard was for real Lazarus and brought her back. D-Hale has a change of heart and sends all the hosts in the Valley Beyond somewhere no one can get to them, instead of flushing them like goldfish, which was her original plan. She also tells Bernard that there was no way for them to escape as them. Right before she shoots him in the face. EVERYBODY GETTING SHOT IN THE FACE THIS EPISODE, GOTDAMN.

Bernard on the shore talking to Ford…who ain’t really there. Ford ain’t been there since he purged him back in the jeep. He needed an enabler, so he created Ford to guide him to do the deed. Bernard talks about how he has to de-address his memories, so we know that this was before they found him. It’s also the last we gonna see of Ford for a while, cuz Bernard gotta purge his memory too. This shit sad as hell man. Bernard really sacrificed his whole cognitive being for the hosts man. Mind, body, and soul.

Last Leg of the Journey

Delos is checking folks to board the planes the fuck outta here. D-Hale pulls up to the beach where the bodies be at. As D-Hale bout to bounce, Stubbs stops her. He tells D-Hale about how Ford hired him and talks about what his Core Drive is. Man, this dude Ashley a host too?!?! Should we just assume all these muthafuckas is synths man? Jeez. D-Hale makes her way to the boat as Stubbs rolls up on WIB who is still very much alive. Looks like a number of the hosts are in the Valley Beyond while some still gotta put back together by Sylvester and Felix. Man, I know these bastards really just wanted to get off the damn island, but now they getting hit with the time and a half? Sheeit. I’d be like, I got some vacation time saved up, b.

Bernard asking “Is this now?” and yeah my host, it really is now y’all. In the real world. Bernard and D-Block talking now because D-Hale came back to the house that Arnold built and used that 3D printer and the pearls of D-Block and Bernard. D-Block hit Bernard with that, so you Raava, I’m Vaatu, you Professor X, I’m Magneto, talk. D-Block gonna try and burn the world while Bernard tries to keep the flames from catching. Season three gonna be fuckin’ nuts, man.

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If you a muthafucka like me, you wondering what the hell happened when the Man in Black went down in Forge and the Sun can’t Set in the West till we get some answers. WIB is in the Forge, but shit looks old. Like, shit ain’t been right in the Forge for a long time. And there’s Emily. Well, host Emily. She brings him through the dust and dirt into that old Delos Bachelor Pad. Emily asking him questions but he doesn’t know how long he been there. WIB wanted to prove he could beat the system and not be who it thinks he is. And yep, this is a baseline interview fam. Emily is testing WIB for fidelity.


My best guess, WIB been long dead. This is real world, but WIB as a host in the real world and him killing his daughter is the defining moment that keeps getting played on a loop and leading him here. Or they’re actually on the Castle of Lions and the hosts are about to form Voltron. or WIB just been in training to take back Harlem from The Bushman. I don’t fuckin’ know fam. My cognitive drive out here failing after getting twisted up with this shit. But it was worth it yo. Bring me the head of (or premiere) of season 3.


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