Wonder Girl #3

Wonder Girl #3

Writer: Joelle Jones / Artists: Joelle Jones, Adriana Melo, and Jordie Bellaire / DC Comics

In Wonder Girl #3, Yara Flor decided to visit Brazil, her place of birth, so she could learn more about herself and where she came from. She’s lived a sheltered life for 21 years in the United States, but she’s always known there was something more to who she was. 

She found out pretty quickly. 

As soon as her feet touch Brazilian soil, it seems like the world is out to get her. Warriors from Mount Olympus, Themyscira, and Bana-Mighdall want her dead, and she doesn’t know why.

This book has been full of action since the first page, but I feel like it strikes a nice balance between the action and the story. At times, the action even furthers the narrative. It’s not just a splash page for the sake of it.

Jones in such a short time has made Yara a pretty likable character. She’s strong but lighthearted. She’s just as surprised to be knocking out these extremely powerful warriors as we are to see it. You can’t help but root for her. 

In Wonder Girl #3, Eros, the god of love, sets his sights on Yara for Mount Olympus. All the Ancient Warrior societies want her dead except for Olympus, who want to use her, most likely as a weapon to take out the other warrior-led areas of the world. 

Wonder Girl #3

I feel for Yara because she knows nothing about the complexities of this world and is seeing any attention given to her as a positive thing, and a thread back to her family, when at least so far, that’s the farthest from the truth. 

The art in this book is fantastic. Jones and Melo both have distinct styles, but they both bring something special to the pages that they work on, and seeing the art change is not distracting at all. If anything, it symbolizes what part of the book we’re reading. Anything from Yara’s perspective is from Jones. Anything not from Yara’s perspective is Melo. They’ve struck a nice balance with how this is conveyed, and I think it adds some substance to the book. 

You wanna talk about colors? Let’s talk about colors. Jones’ colors on her section of the book make me feel like I’ve just discovered color for the first time in my life. Like I was born a minute before I opened the book. I thought I knew what brown, pink, and yellow were. But Jones showed me that I had no idea. 

10 Greek Gods out of 10

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Wonder Girl #3


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