Writer: Greg Rucka, Art: Michael Lark

While this issue was still a table setter for the big showdown in Denver, this was, yet again, another great issue of Lazarus. How Rucka manages to squeeze every bit of raw emotion and anticipation out of each page of each storyline is pretty amazing and its all building towards a big payoff. In the present day, I did wonder a few issues back how the family of ‘waste’ would play into the larger story as they made their way towards Denver for the “Lift” or rather a huge event where people attempt to get “lifted” into serf status for the chance at a better life under the Family Carlyle protection. This seems to now be coming full circle as the site for the Lift in Denver is where Forever has discovered where the terrorist plan to set off a huge bomb and we’ll finally see these two stories collide.

As good as this set up is, I’m even more intrigued at the other somewhat parallel story line that Rucka has set up with the flashbacks of Forever being trained by her mentor. We’ve already seen that once Forever is ready, that she will most likely have to prove her worth by killing her mentor in combat, so the delay when Father Carlyle shows up puts a lot of questions in the air. Is the mentor stalling? Is there some sabotage afoot? Or is Forever just not yet ready at that point in the timeline. Considering the mentor is no where to be seen in the present, its a pretty good idea what goes down, but Rucka and Lark have done a great job making us wonder in the how.

All in all, Lazarus continues to be one of the best books you get on the shelves as as this arc comes to its climax, its hard to see it slowing down.


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