Writer: Brian Azzarello / artist:Goran Sudzuka

Well, the endgame for this historic run is here and the run up to the Azzarello’s final issues with Diana and company do not disappoint. Azzarello has spent 30+ issues introducing us to a ton of new characters, all with their own distinct personalities, motivations and levels of impact, so it must be daunting bringing them altogether for these last issues. This is handled well, as the huge “team” all seem to have their responsibilities leading up to the assault on Mt. Olympus and are equally dispersed throughout this issue. At first blush, this seemed like it might be another intrigue and set-up issue, but that quickly changes when the new tenants of Olympus attack an important stronghold and the first stages of the battle take place.

Beyond Diana settling in as Queen and realizing her decisions will change Themyscira and the Amazon culture forever, the scheming Strife side plot to seduce the First Born is intriguing as well. One wonders if she is again, playing the long game to be a ruling queen in Olympus or if there is more beneath the surface. Either way, the setup is there for a fantastic finish.

If Wonder Woman feels like its moving towards something epic, it’s because it is. Each month it feels like we’ve went too long between issues and that’s probably the best compliment a monthly book can get.


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