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This issue opens to death. Yup, you heard me: eyes glazed over, lifeless in a face of a fallen Amazon defeated on the battleground. Things don’t bode well for D, she’s losing her grip on so much that’s going on her in life: council and safety of her Amazon sisters, confidence in her by others and more troubling–the true nature of being the God of Death and what it entails. Diana feels like she’s constantly taking an “L” with being the leader of the Amazons: they want a Queen. Diana wants to be less hands on, that why she created the council so they have more of a say on how they are governed and how they solve their new problems. Behind her back, we know from the cliff hanger from last issue that a “solution” was created in the form of Donna Troy’s entrance back into the Dc Universe.

A good comeback, actually. Zing!
A good comeback, actually. Zing!

God of War. God of War. God of War. Our dearest Wonder Woman must feel like she’s in a plane doing a tail spin right now. She’s ignoring advice to take baby steps with her new position as God of War because of…side effects. She’s running off from Amazon business to go handle Justice League business without any real resolutions to the major problems on either side.

ww38 (2)
Because Batman created another contingency plan for that, actually five more.



Sucks more for her because her team mates are starting to question her abilities  and whether she’s still up for the job. And by job, I mean fighting the good fight as a member of the Justice League by taking care of the world and people in need not be a “lightening rod” for discord. Also they put Clark, I mean, Superman in a volcano with a fannypack. Looks like he found something he shouldn’t have down there. Hope he doesn’t mess up with S-curl down there. That would be tragic.


See y’all next time!


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