Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman Future’s End #1 Reviews

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Rags Morales / artist: Bart Sears

DC’s Future’s End takeover this month has been a strange company-wide line as they are essentially one shots that serve as “what-ifs” for all our DC Heroes. This one is even stranger as Wonder Woman’s hypothetical storyline takes place over two books: Wonder Woman and Superman / Wonder Woman. And it’s necessary. Soule weaves together a pretty interesting story, but through the first book (Wonder Woman) it felt stuffed to the gills until I realized the story was two volumes.

The soul of the total story is the agency for which Diana has chosen as the God of War. War is very much the dominating business five years into the future, with a powerful being named Nemesis swallowing up everything: land, people, civilizations. The book incorporates some very cool moments and concepts such as Diana’s cooperation with Hades to raise dead generals such as Alexander The Great and Napoleon to fight against Nemesis’ forces. And of course as the second title would suggest, Clark plays a big role in this conflict and resolution as well, though something seems and is eventually revealed as off with his appearance. Soule also does well to give small hints about other events that have happened in this five year gap such as a falling out between Diana and Clark, Superman completely withdrawing from the world (seemingly creating his own isolated Smallville in Africa) and a war that occurred between the “Avatars” and the Gods of Mount Olympus. Spoiler, Olympus isn’t happy about the result.

It’s hard to judge this too much beyond what is laid in front of us as these are all isolated stories and aren’t necessarily suggested of anything that will come, but reading Diana’s story occurring five years in the future requires both books and at that point, becomes a worthy read.


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