Avengers #35 Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Various

Here it is, the big comic book cover that made headlines months ago, specifically for the Mjolnir-less Thor and Captain America – Shield brandishing Falcon. So, I hope you didn’t expect them to be in this comic book much. Outside of a few panels of Thor obviously drinking his used to be Thors away and no appearance of Sam Wilson whatsoever, the cover doesn’t exactly set up the story. But that’s par for the course. This book, which in Hickman fashion is obviously setting up something larger, seems to be a little schizophrenic. If you are a fan of the Avengers World book, you’ll like the first half of this one as it centers mostly on some of the lesser known Avengers doing the global police thing. The second half of the book (as being 8 months in the future) treads a little bit more familiar ground with this particular title and shows us the fate of the Illuminati. Sort of. Ok, not really, but its still pretty cool. Welcome Amadeus Cho! And his appearance in this Avengers book is pretty spectacular and treated with proper respect. He’s connected to the Illuminati and since the Avengers has been rolled up basically as a strike team for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the near future (Whoa!) he becomes a primary target.

It’s always cool to see old faces in new places and this part of the book does not disappoint on that end. All of the Illuminati seem to be missing in action with Tony Stark still the primary target, but how we got to these guys disappearing or the absorption of the Avengers will be pretty interesting to see.

The art is a little all over the place but that’s what happens when you have four different pencilers credited. I didn’t mind the tonal shift between the two sides of this book, but there were still moments of flux in the visuals. Which isnt to say there aren’t sections of this book that look very good. But still, a little inconsistent.

Avengers goes way left here from the previous storyline by giving us a glimpse into the near future that includes some key players, adds some cool ones and leaves some other noticeably missing.


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