X-Men #2 Review

X-Men #2

Writer: Gerry Duggan / Artist: Pepe Larraz / Marvel Comics

On the surface, this is a very straightforward X-Men comic, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that these panels contain a few hidden gems. X-Men #2 hits us with comedy to start things off, some good ol’ fashioned midwestern town takeover in the middle, and ends with an identification of the biggest growing threat against mutantdom – the truth.

I absolutely loved the poker game that Gambit had going in the basement of the Treehouse. The cast of characters around the table are very appropriate, and Rogue yelling at her man was very authentic. You can tell Duggan is married or has had a significant other before. Fast forward a few pages and an annihilation wave is taking over a small town in Kansas. Yup, time for the X-Men to do what they do best and take out this growing threat. But that’s all-surface level drama.

X-Men #2

Ya see, the X-Men didn’t have a whole ass relaunch just so they could defeat a threat and head back to their mutant Tree of Souls. There’s always bigger fish to fry, and after this wave of bugs was roasted with the power of a star, it’s time to go after the real culprits. There are powerful beings playing a dangerous game with the protectors of Earth, and I hope Hickman and them have some incredible plans for how this is gonna go down.

Pepe Larraz doesn’t miss! From his ability to showcase that mutant synergy and blend powers together, to creating vicious creatures or a downtrodden town, the man goes hard! Duggan draws some amazing moments throughout this issue. He shows how much some of our mutants have grown over the years. He writes a great monologue for Sunfire and tosses in a few mid battle jokes that were hittin! No complaints about X-Men #2 here.

The X-Men may be back to basics in the superhero game, but this book is far from basic.

8.5 Bar With No Name Poker Players out of 10

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