Yaas Queens: Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson SLAY in New Podcast

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I don’t usually get into podcasts due to my low attention span and need for visual accompaniment to almost any audio. Generally, most of what I do in my spare time is binge-watch stand-up comedy clips, which is how I ran into one of the coolest ever audio podcasts, 2 Dope Queens. Not only was I sold by the line-up for their first show (which includes one of my heroes, comedian Aparna Nancherla! #brownwomen), these 2 Queens captured both my attention and my heart within the first few minutes of the first episode.

The Queens in question are Phoebe Robinson (Last Comic Standing, Broad City) and Jessica Williams (The Daily Show).  They’ve been doing live, sold-out shows for years, but now lucky listeners can tune in online for their weekly podcast hosted by WNYC! And it’s also live! And goddamn it is everything I hoped it would be and more.

Who Dis?
Allow me to introduce you. Individually, these two are some of the funniest people I have ever seen. Together, they fucking kill. 

Photo Cred: Union Hall NY
Photo Cred: Amy Pearl

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Jessica Williams first stole my heart as a correspondent for the Daily Show, for which she’s been a writer and correspondent since 2012, and is now the youngest senior correspondent for the show!
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Photo Cred: Comedy Central
Photo Cred: Comedy Central

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Phoebe Robinson is a consultant for Broad City as well as a stand-up comedian. She wrote for MTV’s Girl Code and is a contributing writer for giants like the New York Times and The Daily Beast.

Photo Cred: jetmag.com
Photo Cred: jetmag.com

It’s abundantly clear how fitting

Strip Clubs and Racist Cab Drivers
Each episode is similar in its format; the podcast is full of funny anecdotes from our two Queens in which they discuss NY life, race, love, sex, and everything else under the sun. Dispersed throughout these hilarious short stories are the guests they have on every live show. All of their guests are stand-up comedians aside from hip-hop artist Jean Grae, and most are also comedy writers and actors. Every guest tells their own jaw-dropping and tears-down-your-cheeks-funny stories of life and all of the crazy and sometimes bullshit curve balls it throws at you. Most of the guests are also comedy writers and actors. There is no shortage of funny women, especially women of color, so men: I hereby forbid you to tell me funny women don’t exist! There are new episodes every Tuesday online so you don’t have to wait long for another hour-long knee-slapper.

The first episode features writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers Aparna Nancherla, comedian Gary Gulman (#tallwhiteglassofwater), and comedian Michelle Buteau (#jerseyqueen). The line-up itself further sold me on this podcast (mainly Aparna tho).

The Live Show
If your experience with 2 Dope Queens is anything like mine, you’ll listen to every episode in basically one sitting and then scour the web for a chance to get into their live show at Union Hall in New York. Sadly the next few shows are all sold out, but it’s no surprise since their low ticket price (only $10?!?! Seriously?! I’m all in) is such a steal for an hour of hilarity from such a diverse and fascinating group of comedians. The wait time may be hell, but I know I’ll be avidly on the lookout for tickets as soon as they’re available! In the meantime, I’ll be glued to my laptop each Tuesday when the episodes come out.

Just a Taste
If you want a small sip of 2 Dope Queens, here is a good look at what you’re in for should you choose to tune in. If that small sip doesn’t sate you, here’s a large gulp of 2 Dope Queens at the live launch party for the podcast, in which they discuss their friendship and the inception of their show, and comedy Queen Naomi Ekperigin talks about how nobody sends dick pics like they used to. If you don’t like what you hear, it probably won’t get any better. If you did like it, you’ll be guaranteed an ab workout from all the gut-wrenching laughs you’ll experience as you listen–I feel like I almost have a 6-pack after only 5 episodes.

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