Yes, I’m Still Playing Destiny and Yes, The Rise Of Iron Trailer Still Looks Lit

I’m not saying its all be perfect or even consistently great, but Bungie told us they had a Ten Year Plan with Destiny and on September 23rd, it will kick off Year 3. Rise of Iron is the newest expansion to Destiny ever growing world that will give us a whole lot of new shit. But…not as much new shit as The Taken King. Be warned, this ain’t Taken King sized, fam. One of the best game expansions in recent memory is not being duplicated this time around, but we are getting a social space, new modes, public events, gear (shit looks great by the way), weapons, ornaments for some of those exotic weapons, crucible matches, etc.

We’re finally, finally getting private matches so some of us Bungie faithful can relive our Halo 3 glory days. We’re getting a new strike to add to our playlist, rife with the new enemy type, a remixed strike that looks hella fun and…a new raid. Because that’s what everyone rally been waiting on fam. After memorizing and perfecting crew love on King’s Fall for the last 11 months, six guardian fireteams been waiting for the next challenge, and yo, my ghost resurrected body is ready.

Lord Saladin done called us to the front line to handle some old shit of his, so we got one job to do: push back the new darkness. Assemble your squad. Load up on some Three of Coin, hope Xur ain’t being greedy with the good shit each week and lets ride out into the breach for at least another year to become Lords of Iron.

The BNP crew is going to be playing the HELL out of this game in week one (and every week after that, truth be told), so check our twitch on launch day, September 20th and definitely on September 23rd as we go blind into the new raid. See you on the stream, family.

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