24 Legacy: It Ain’t Perfect, But Black Bauer Brought Back That Real Time Murda Muzik

***We were lucky enough to see the first four episodes of 24 Legacy before they air and since the protagonist is in the role Kiefer Sutherland made famous, you know we had to weigh in.***

Ok, its possible that you dug the ceremonious return of Jack Bauer in London for half a 24 Season with his trusty accomplice Chloe with the Dragon Tattoo. I’ll admit that 24 Live Another Day was a fairly decent send off, well at least a far better one than season eight was. Cuz that was…let’s not talk about it.

24 Legacy obviously takes place well after those events, but well within the same universe that inexplicably still lets CTU operate. Like, how sway. CTU is less secure than my daughter’s toy chest. Its harder to infiltrate a break room at a corporate center than it is to compromise CTU. But anyways…

The events of Legacy tell the story of Eric Carter aka Black Bauer, who is an ex Army Ranger who was the Team Leader of an elite force that eliminated terrorist leader. Because of the infamy it would bring, all the soldiers live under assumed identities to prevent them ever being hunted down for retaliation. Well, one of the soldiers took something of import from the raid they conducted and the terrorists have learned their identities, so each of the soldiers are being hunted down to find this item, one by one.

Off the top, Carter ain’t Bauer and the actor Corey Hawkins ain’t Kiefer Sutherland, but neither of them need to be. Carter is still a likable character that’s easy to root for. He knows his shit, he’s trained soldier that can think on his feet with good survival instincts and looks like he’s evolving towards that trademark sentiment of asking people politely to do things for him with a gun pointed at their chest like Bauer used to.

[quote_left]Off the top, Carter ain’t Bauer and the actor Corey Hawkins ain’t Kiefer Sutherland, but neither of them need to be.[/quote_left]Four episodes in, who steals the show for me though is his wife Nicole. Ride or Die? Fam. Nicole out here surviving on another level, yo. Resourceful and just about that action boss. Let’s hope that like, this doesn’t turn into a women in refrigerators moment that propels Carter further or some dumb shit. No repeats of the first season of 24, writers. Carter got enough motivation.

What else works: The action is high octane, the web is tangled with multiple people in play. All of which could be good or evil. Some of them will probably be both at some point. There are people of color all over the place. But that unfortunately brings us to some of the dumb shit.

Look, I am not only a 24 veteran, I am THE 24 veteran. I know how this shit goes. The initial threat is never the threat by episode 12 and there will always be at least 1.5 more people benchmarked as the real mastermind before the end. But do we really need to do the White people suspect a person of color (especially Muslim) of being a terrorist shit? Again? AGAIN? I don’t know when the script was written, but these writers haven’t seen the rise and stage given to White Nationalists groups? It really needs to be a bunch of folks with Arabic names that we’re hunting down? Ok…ok.

[quote_right]But do we really need to do the White people suspect a person of color (especially Muslim) of being a terrorist shit? Again? AGAIN?[/quote_right]And while it hasn’t been as bad as possible, of course Carter, being the Black protagonist that he is once did dirt in the hood for his drug kingpin brother. Like, of course he did. Again, it hasn’t made the show unwatchable or anything to me and they did at least avoid some stereotypes in the portrayals of those characters, even if the roles themselves are. But it just gets the extremely deep sigh from your boy.

End result after having watched 1/6 of the season? I fux with it. Still got that overly complex plot. Still got about 3 possible double agents at any time. Still doing that real business in the street with no bystanders getting hit in the crossfire. You know, old school 24. It may not have Bauer or Da Gawd President Palmer (Senator John Donovan played by Jimmy Smits will do for now), but its got the formula and enough interesting folks to keep me watching for now. And knowing 24 like I do, the really ridiculous shit ain’t gonna happen till about episode 12-16. That will be the real test of how strong the Legacy is.

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  • Lassiter Speller

    I’m a 24 vet and I think this is evaluation is spot on. Having only seen the 2 episodes that aired, I had the same respect for Eric, praise for Nicole, confusion over hood roots (at first thought his family was on a Black Panther compound or something), and “why are we retreading this ‘Islamic terrorist’ opening plot” moment. I rarely, if ever, do appointment TV, but I’m certainly looking forward to the rest of the season. It is definitely giving me that classic 24 vibe. #BlackBauer

  • Simone Monique

    I never watched the original, but this version has me hooked. Lots of action, lots of plot. Con(for me): Nicole Carter kicks ass, but has zero chemistry with Eric Carter…and why oh why is her weave looking like a rats nest?
    Just saying….

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