5 Games That Will Make the Perfect Gift for That Chaotic Friend

We all have that friend who thrives on chaos, in one way or another. Listen, it’s not up to us to judge. Maybe it is a little but we all have our particular taste. However, instead of judging, why don’t we help feed that chaotic nature in a healthy way this holiday? And what better way to do that than in gaming! Here are the five perfect games to give that friend that just likes to throw themselves over and over again deep into the fires of chaos incarnate.

Buying Digital Games 

A few of my recommendations will be for digital games, which can be a bit harder to gift since … well, you can’t exactly wrap them up. Before we get started, here are a few quick tips for gifting friends and family digital games on different platforms:

  • PlayStation: Unfortunately, gifting digital games to players on PlayStation platforms is next to impossible and you can’t buy digital codes at your local retailers. Your only bet is gifting a PSN gift card with enough money for your friend to buy the game you want them to play.
  • Xbox: Players who game on Xbox are lucky. The Microsoft Store allows console players to gift specific games to one another. Simply go to the Xbox website or turn on your Xbox, find the game you want to purchase, click “Buy as gift,” and send the game to your friend’s Gamertag.
  • Nintendo Switch: The Switch’s online service is also missing a gifting option. However, you can always buy a Nintendo Online points card or find a download code for most Switch games at your local retailer (GameStop, Best Buy, Target).
  • PC: Steam makes buying games for friends easy as well. Simply add a game to your cart and choose to purchase as a gift during checkout. All you have to do is select who to send the game to on your friend list.

Doom Eternal

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks / Developer: id Software / Platforms: Windows, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One

For the friend that likes it when all things are chaotic, our first pick is Doom Eternal. What better way to celebrate chaos then diving face-first into Hell with a shotgun and a good energy blade.  Doom Eternal picks up where Doom (2016) left off but that’s not what’s important. Even if you’ve never played the original, it’s not necessary to enjoy the sequel. If you’ve read our review, you know that Doom Eternal is a challenging game that throws all Hell has to offer at you while making you feel all-powerful at the same time. The sequel even updates the game to make it feel faster and action-packed than its predecessor.

Doom Eternal doubles down on the enemies and weapons. The more hectic it gets, the more arsenal grows the deal with it. It’s a power fantasy game for folks who like to jump into the action right away, and perfect for playing in short bursts. Plus, there’s a multiplayer mode so that both of you can join in on the fun. The friends that slay together, stay together. There is no better gift for chaos lovers than one that sends wave after wave of enemies to rip, shoot, and slice apart. 

Ape Out + Ape Out Vinyl Soundtrack

Publisher: Devolver Digital / Developer: Gabe Cuzzillo / Platforms: Windows, Switch

Who doesn’t want to run wild beating everything in their path? Ape Out is another fun game that is the perfect gift for the one who wants nothing but disorder and unpredictability. Players take control of an ape who breaks out of their cage and rampages through a maze of hallways and guns to try and escape their captors. In this indie game, you have to beat your way through numerous guards with all manner of rifles, shotguns, and explosives. As you make your way through the madness, players never quite know what’s waiting for them around every corner as they circumnavigate guards, toss them against the walls, and watch the blood splatter. 

You’ll be accompanied by a mess of Jazz, drums, percussions, and other bombastic sounds that make up the game’s soundtrack. Speaking of the soundtrack, Ape Out is a digital-only game. So, why not bundle your gift with the Ape Out Vinyl soundtrack? Just so you have something to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree as an added bonus to giving the game. What’s interesting about the game is the music is procedurally generated, making the Vinyl soundtrack unique as it’s a recording of developer Gabe Cuzzillo playing the game. You can find the Ape Out Vinyl Soundtrack on iam8bit’s website right now.

Creature in the Well 

Publisher: Flight School Studio, Madison Wells Media, LLC / Developer: Flight School Studio, MWM Interactive / Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

I bet you didn’t think pinball and dungeon crawling was a combination you’d hear today. Creature in the Well has an interesting mix of hack n slash gameplay and mechanics you would find in a pinball game. Players take on the role of a robot engineer trying to save Earth from one hell of a dust storm. Several obstacles stand in your way as players have to manage attacks from all sides along with their own attacks that bounce off of their sword and around the room. 

I’ll tell you what, this innovative mash-up pushes players to their core. Creature in the Well forces players to focus on all manner of traps, projectiles, and attacks. Hours and hours of trial and error gameplay as it gets harder to keep track of everything surrounding you. Boss fights even manage to throw in some puzzle gameplay to get the brain working its muscles. Sometimes the difficulty gets downright unforgiving. It’s the perfect gift for that masochist! You can grab a physical edition of Creature in the Well on iam8bit’s website or your local retailers.

Demon Souls

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment/ Developer: Bluepoint Studios / Platforms: PS5

Is your friend one of those lucky SOBs that managed to grab a PlayStation 5? Yeah! Then you should know what’s coming next. If they haven’t already, this is the perfect opportunity to grab the Demon Souls remake for the PS5 and gift wrap that monster for the holidays. The originator of the soulsborne franchise, Bluepoint Studios has taken this classic and remade it in glorious 4K, running at your choice of 30 or 60fps.

Developer Bluepoint Studios are known as the king of remasters and remakes. They’ve really taken this PS3 game into the next generations with significantly updated graphics. Other additions to the game include a revamped character creator, photo mode, and a whole new host of weapons, items, and armor changing the game for the better. If your hardcore friend wants something even more challenging, the remake features a “Fractured World” mode that mirrors the layout of all the environments to keep players on their toes.

Devil May Cry  5 Special Edition

Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom / Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X

Ah, Devil May Cry, the B movie of video games. It’s also a game that’s notorious for its difficult hack and slash gameplay. Part of the fun is wracking up combos and looking stylish while a whole variety of enemies are bearing down on you. We were super impressed with Devil May Cry 5 when it released last year. Capcom has upped the ante with the updated Devil May Cry Special Edition that features everything a person who loves throwing themselves into the fire. The most notable update to the game is the addition of Vergil as a playable character with his own unique move set and weapons. 

However, what is even better than that are the different ways you can modify the game, making it more challenging and hectic. Turbo Mode pushes the speed of the gameplay up by 20 percent. Meanwhile, The Legendary Dark Knight mode adds more enemies to the fray, making playing the game a second time around chaos incarnate. The game comes as DLC for the current generation consoles. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is also available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, supporting ray tracing, increased frame rate (going up to 120fps!), and 3D audio. The physical edition for next-generation consoles is available now.

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