Web comics, I love them. I feel that they are one of the best features the internet has to offer. Here we have one by the name of “Book of Mojo” created by artist and animator Everett Downing . The world within this tale opens up to a world much like our own: city streets, people preying on the weak,  people just trying to survive and a new weapon to hit the streets unlike anything folks have ever seen: magic. The tag line on the main page for the comic is

“Street magic takes on a whole new meaning.”


So with the addition of magic, it can be used for good: for healing, as well as miracles. But it has mostly fallen into the hands of those who use it for ill intent and police the streets mercilessly. Several, if not most of the gangs in the area have taken it up using a single person to control it such as a witch” or “wizard” (I’m guessing depending on your gender). The first gang are introduced to us are the “Demon Lords” and they are every bit as ruthless as they need to be in order to maintain their turf.

The magic caster aka “Wizard” of the Demon Lords gang.


Then we have  the runaway known as “Creepy” (good grief, I hope that’s a nickname. More on that in Book 2…) who found that she could use magic and quickly created herself a familiar spirit  to aid in. She’s quick on her feet and yet still learning the ropes of using magic and the downsides. Creepy seemingly has a petulant for finding trouble. She desperately wants to learn more magic to defend herself against those who would hurt her on the grounds of seeing her as a threat since she is a magic user and those who would force her to manipulate magic for their own devices.

“Creepy”. Your teenage neighborhood witch summoning for the very first time.


But wait! I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Enter the mysterious “seven foot tall cement statue” that falls from the sky that talks, seems gifted with magic, has no clue what it is or where it came from, and we’ve got the ball rolling. Strange things happen but this just tops the list here. The creature known as Mojo needs help: he needs the help of a magic caster to assist him in finding out where (and who) he belongs and Creepy could use the extra protection on the streets. A partnership is born and their adventure begins.


You can read up on their adventures on the website here  and all in good timing because the first issue is being turned into a 3D animated short (creator Downing is a Dreamworks story artist, by the way) so we’ve even got an teaser in the form of a short trailer. A web comic detailing the world of ” black market magic” and all the many players and movers that seek power.

[vimeo link=”http://vimeo.com/91379374″ width=”590″ height=”332″]
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