A Fresh Transcript: ‘The Sex Life of College Girls’ Review

Girl, No Don’t Do That

The Sex Life of College Girls reads a little too strong for some folks, okay? I sat there and thought, okay did the writing team go to a college campus with a recorder then proceeded to copy and paste the conversation transcript into the script? Because I’ve embarrassingly seen these girls before. The Sex Life of College Girls is a ride that touches the problems of sexism, racism, homophobia, and more. Each episode is filled with eye opening twists that gets viewers invested in these classic characters that will have you grinning and cringing at the screen.

My favorite part about this series is that our ensemble represents the wide array of experiences as to why people go to specific universities. Many go for extra-curricular activities like Bela and Whitney, some have an Alma mater/investment history like Leighton and some folks, like Kimberly, realize that they are white as hell and need to get away want new experiences. Each character has a unique starting point and background that heightens the risks of their decisions. Yet because of that fact, I had many questions as to why folks were so impulsive. The Sex Life of College Girls takes you on the days of “Good Ol’ Youth” and the dangers of that reality.

The Life and Struggles of the Public Eye

The Sex Life of College Girls
via US Weekly

First on the agenda, I got some questions about Whitney. She gets herself into some spicy situations and truthfully, she gave me the first “oop” of this whole show. What’s powerful about Whitney is that she is centered and knows herself more than the rest of the ladies. But if there’s anything I’ve learned about Whitney is that self-awareness does not necessarily block you from questionable decisions. Whitney’s journey explores authoritative relationships in an honest and terrifying way. There is this “don’t embarrass me” energy that’s prevalent in families that can get folks to victim blame and not analyze the stakes properly. And with that in mind, I want folks to keep that energy in mind as they see how Whitney goes about her time in Essex.

I Eat Bribery Checks like Corn Flakes

Is this how everyone sees folks from New York? Leighton is the rich friend “with secrets”. And to be honest out of the four of our girls, she confused me the most. Her personal growth felt inevitable but is flawed because her character becomes “redeemable through the crutch of marginalized people.” I recognize how being exposed and learning from people can help someone be more empathetic, but there were no real stakes to prove that Leighton grew. Overall, I think we learn a lot about Leighton through consequences, but not necessarily through the evidence of a series of actions like her roommates went through. Some of Leighton’s actions seemed abrupt but also predictable. I almost liked Leighton by the end of the season, but I’m still unsure of her overall intentions and goals as opposed to the other ladies.

The Exploration of a Pure Heart

Kimberly is culturally sheltered. She’s white, and she knows it. You know those memes that talk about how there are two types of people that can go away to college after living a sheltered life. You either try your best to remain responsible, take the lessons you need, or you end up like Kimberly. Throughout the season, we observe her transformation. But when it comes to major periods of growth, at times that means a series of tribulations are afoot. Kimberly’s extended periods of bliss are not reflected on completely and result in impulsive decisions that can hurt you. Kimberly’s journey is best described as “learning how to maneuver your ignorance”. She recognizes her problems but doesn’t have the experience on how to solve them and gets easily caught up in flashes of attention. By the end of the season, I question on whether Kimberly’s reactions were growth or coping.

Essentia at Heart

The Sex Life of College Girls
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Bela has to be one of my favorite characters because truly we all got that one friend that be thirsty. Not all of them be BELA THIRSTY but, honestly the most parched of our friends be the most entertaining. Bela manifests the chaos okay. And truly if there is anything I appreciate about her is that she really turns that “go getter” attitude on its head. As a Black woman who also took some time to tell her parents what she majored in, I empathize with people of color who feel like their parents think their dreams are risky.

When we talk about work ethic, Bela proves she studies the game. Her comedy knowledge is up on par, but she faces problems many women face while trying to grow in their respective careers. Bela’s troubles are nuanced and uncomfortable, which is what makes her character relatable. People approach their discomfort differently, and her storyline shows two ways people would approach this issue. But what I appreciate the most is that it does not shame the decision, instead it begins potential methods of resolution while still in the thick of the issue.

Classes Retaught

Overall, The Sex Life of College Girls is something you can learn from; it’s fun, funny and flirtatious. The show gives sitcom-drama vibes. The characters are recognizable and concrete and have so much more to offer. The Sex Life of College Girls succeeds in bringing real situations to the table and presenting various outcomes. It presents tribulations as multi-dimensional and places importance on support from peers. I most appreciate the show in its outright flip of stereotypes and mistakes. The Sex Life of College Girls is filled with plenty “Girl, what are you doing?” and twists for your shady popcorn munching.

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