Adventures of the Super Sons #12 Review

Adventures of the Super Sons #12 Cover

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi / Artist: Carlo Barberi / DC Comics

After twelve issues, the Adventures of the Super Sons has finally reached its bittersweet end. My two favorite boys of the DC Universe have ventured throughout the cosmos, battling the likes of the Injustice Gang is various locales, and their story fittingly continues to embody all the good and optimistic things about comics and superheroes.

Tomasi and Barberi have been a stellar team and made proper use of the bizarre and sentimental to create the touching end in Adventures of the Super Sons #12. Damian and Jon start the issue seemingly inside the Hypercube that has driven most of the action in the back half of the series, and I don’t want to spoil the events that follow.

I will say that Tomasi’s themes of fandom, optimism, and legacy are in full in effect. That the way the story all ties together feels satisfactory and while there’s a tad bit of deus ex machina, it can be forgiven for the fantastic metafictional moments it creates. Barberi’s artwork captures this with some great panel layouts and the signature surrealistic style that’s made the comic pop.

Adventures of the Super Sons never pretended to be anything that it wasn’t. Damian and Jon both got to have moments in the limelight and, ultimately, their dynamic remained engaging and endearing to the last page and will likely continue to be. It’s hard to say when we’ll have another opportunity to explore the World’s Soon-To-Be Finest given the current continuity, but at the same time, I’m just glad we got to spend more time with the boys. They represent an honest bravery that only youth can really embody, and this is a fitting capstone to this particular segment of their lives.

9.0 “Super Summers” out of 10

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