Writer:Nick Spencer/ Artist:Ramon Rosanas / Marvel

I gotta start by saying Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas are doing the lord’s work with Scott Lang in this series man. There is humor, there is struggle, and there is freaking entertainment. This series honestly feels like the kid brother to David Aja & Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye except of course it’s carving out in its own corner of the Marvel universe. The similarities in keeping the reader engaged however are parallel as Lang’s self deprecation varies from Hawkeye’s which is what makes this book unique in it’s own right.

We got Scott Lang being his own boss this issue. He is setting up security for his first client and then later one we see him being the father able to be there for Cassie as he sits in on her drumming session. Lang’s humor makes the absurdity of him having a conversation with his ant army in one scene but also shines a light on how charming and good with people he is when it comes to his first employee and even negotiating with his ex wife. The highlight of the issue comes when he faces of against an old arch-enemy Taskmaster. Well Taskmaster doesn’t really see Lang as his arch-enemy which is debated.

ant man

It is legit hilarious watching these two go at it in this issue. The banter back and forth between them is seriously gold. Spencer is showing a talent for making the characters he pulls out extremely down to earth. Taskmaster isn’t portrayed as just another crazed evil villain but moreso a man with a skill set doing a job he excels at in order to make money. A fact that he points out to Scott Lang. Plus, You gotta love Rosanas’ art work man. Everything pops no matter what scene he is drawing. One minute we got a great Full House looking moment with Lang and his daughter then in the next instant he is drawing detailed fight scenes. The great part is the way he is able to incorporate Lang’s size altering ability as well as the ants as an extension of Lang.

ant app

Taskmaster gives Scott Lang a hint that danger is hitting close to home, which means Cassie is in danger. We also get to see that the one behind all of this is a man that is connected to Scott Lang’s past. The connection also deals with family and the return of the man that will want to get some pay back.

This book is what the game been needing man. I repeat the humor is on par with Next Wave and the action goes hard like Hawkeye. Ant-Man is a book that should be standing out on the shelves. You will not be sorry when you give this series a chance.


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