Season 3 / Episode 13 / CW
We’re back in Starling City in pursuit of some lightweight parkour’ing criminals. Arrow and Arsenal get some help taking down the crooks from the all new Black Canary. You would think Oliver would come to terms with this but my man was straight up, “the fuck you doing out here Laurel?” Yeap, Oliver is back to his hypocritical ways again this episode. He chastises the crew for allowing Laurel to pursue this. The rest of Team Arrow looking at one another thinking, “This dude was dead. We were here fighting for the city and paying rent and now he wanna come back and complain? Oooooookay.”

Malcolm tells Ollie it’s time to bring Thea into the fold so they can make a united front against Ra’s. Ughhhh this is like inviting your friend that tries too hard to a party. You already know it’s going to be a disaster but you hope for the best. Thea is that friend. Before Ollie can process that we got the king of lame villains, Count Vertigo, back in the news. Dude escaped custody broad daylight by having a reporter drug his guard. The guard was going all GTA shooting into the crowd till Laurel stepped in.

Ollie tells Thea that he is the Arrow and as you would expect she is okay with it and thanks him for saving people. What she ain’t okay with is Merlyn having manipulated her by driving a wedge between Ollie and her (man wait till she finds out what she did when was on that hypnotic water from Merlyn).

Back at the Quiver, Laurel was going to ride out with Oliver to investigate the reporter but he shut that shit down with the quickness. Ollie and Roy then meet the reporter who is strapped up with more C4 than Solid Snake on a beer run (cause you never know). Needless to say homie goes night-night. The next lead comes from Laurel goin’ straight for the source to Count Vertigo. Ollie put a tracker on her which is how he knows. Good thing too cause we see Laurel get nailed with some vertigo then proceed to get the ass whooping of the century. She’s seeing Sara as the one kicking her ass when we all know its Count Vertigo and his non-old man muscles and Tae Bo classes.

Ollie gets her back to the Quiver, Thea walks in cause apparently that’s what’s good now. Ollie was trying to hide this all from her and Roy breaks the silence having finally had enough of this old bossy Oliver shit. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd the team had to set homie down and tell’em his management going to need revisions.

You see that stare down? I said God damn, Felicity was having none of the fuckboy-ity today. Diggle had to come and play mediator to Oliver on some “Aye, things got intense but… you know you wylin right?”

Thea finally decides to take the iPod DJ up on the getting down (good Looord) and invites him over. Things are great post-sex unnnnntil Thea realizes this dude was trying to drug her with cyanide and then reveals he’s an assassin… well… trying to kill her. Run that play-by-play yo.

What made this more awkward than anything is that Roy comes in to save her, and then so does Merlyn. iPod DJ kills himself with cyanide and we are left with the most awkward situation of having your ex and dad in the room with the assassin that just tried to kill you post sex. This has got to be a TV trope first.

Laurel comes to from the ass kicking from Count Vertigo (literally the most trash villain in the game). Ollie enlists her help, and since Roy is stuck in the most awkward mission ever it’s up to Laurel. Laurel gets to have a measure of revenge as she is able to take down Vertigo (AFTER GETTING HIT A SECOND FUCKING TIME WITH HIS DRUG! I REALLY HOPE THEY ENACT A FREAKING D.A.R.E. PROGRAM TO KEEP THIS VILLAIN FROM COMING BACK AGAIN!) and solidify her statue as the new Canary.

We then see her have to do the hard thing she has been avoiding and tell her father that Sara is dead… again. We also learn via flashback that Ollie and Maseo were brought to Starling City for a mission. Yeap, evidently Ollie was sneaking around back home back when he was away.

The episode ends with Thea and Ollie working together with Malcolm who sent them both on a trip that would get them ready for Ra’s and conquer their fears. So we say goodbye to Starling City and welcome back to the island of Lian Yu (at this point the island should be a freaking tourist attraction we done seen it so many freaking times).

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