Season 3 / Episode 15 / CW

It’s a somewhat family affair in The Quiver…

Malcolm Merlyn telling Thea and Ollie their team work coordination is straight up trash. They won’t be winning any championships they way they are working. Diggle lets the team know new security has been put in place, that will detect the league. Malcolm calls him Diggle and Diggle give him the “Fuck you talking to?” face. “My Friends call me Dig. You? Mutha fucka you ain’t even got the cell number so don’t come for me.” Diggle then checks up on Oliver wanting to ask him a favor that he decides to hold of until later.

Ray Palmer is working on 0 hours of sleep because he almost got the A.T.O.M. suit up and running but can’t get some interface down. Felicity comes in and sees Ray has holed himself up in his shack like he working on the mixtape the glades been needing since season 1.

Ray is tapped into the zone right now, even though he making some less than lucid mistakes he ain’t calling it quits on finishing the suit despite what Felicity says.

After finding out that Roy knew about her being brainwashed to kill Sara and him having dealt with killing an officer while on that Mirakuru water, Thea goes and (against Ollie’s wishes) tells Laurel what’s really good. She lets her know she done clapped Sara. Laurel wipes the “this mutha fucka” look off her face and is more upset that Ollie kept this from her. When she confronts Ollie and catches his ass lyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin she is ready to go in on Merlyn’s ass. Ollie tells her to chill cause they still need him to beat Ra’s… why? I dunno, since this guy Malcolm dumb shook of The Al Ghul his damn self soooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Laurel walks out like okay, I see you Oliver, then finds Merlyn and sneak attacks his ass. Well, not attack really, as Merlyn was hitting her with the Soul Calibur attack counters. He had Laurel looking like the Mets …the Knicks… that’s all of the bad sports teams I know at the moment. Nyssa Al Ghul shows up and saves Laurel form further humiliation while humiliating the hell out of Merlyn. She hit him with the Jin Tekken attacks and carried his ass away.

Back at The Quiver Ollie is ape shit on Laurel. “This is why I don’t tell you shit. You be out in the streets wylin.” We learn that Thea dropped ALL THE DIMES on Malcolm, and since the league was already in town it was easy for them to scoop dude up. Ollie decides he has to save Malcolm and the team looks at his ass thinking ummmm wait? say what? Ollie doesn’t want Thea having to grow up with knowing she sentenced her father to death… You could almost hear everyone in the room shouting,

For real tho, Thea just saved everybody’s ass mad trouble and handed Malcolm over and now you wanna save him to stop Thea from experiencing being the reason for her father’s death? Her father who manipulated her? ….mmmm hmmm, there’s some savior patriarchy sexist shit goin on but I ain’t got that much time in the recap to point it out. Felicity pulls up an airfield that just went black, meaning that Nyssa is probably flying out of there. Oliver rushes over but to no avail as Nyssa cock blocks him from proceeding.

Ray finds himself forced out of his A.T.O.M. server due to Felicity making him take a break. She don’t want the dude winding up like Oliver but Ray acknowledges that she is right after having taken a shower and eaten. He lets her know her world is gold with him… that being said they have their moment together kissing which leads to other thangs. Evidently we learn that Felicity got that Erykah Badu for vigilantes cause after she put it on Ray he was seeing the math like never before.


Nyssa was taken prisoner and gladly tells Oliver where Nanda Parbat is. The dude is off again to fight Ra’s Al Ghul. He telling the crew that “I. WILL. NOT. LOSE.” Ether hook but everybody is reminding him “Bruh, you already did”. Diggle gets that pep talk from his wife and she assures him there is no way he will allow Oliver to go alone a second time. Diggle shows up to catch Oliver leaving with the ride and the means to get there. Diggle hit’em with the “No you ain’t ask me to go… which is why your ass got merk’d the last time. We ain’t having the League put numbers over us like that again.” With that being said, operation Free Fuck Boy was under way.

The element of surprise was gone as soon as they got there. Dig and Ollie had to take out the League’s watered down version of the Night’s Watch before they got inside the castle to warn anyone else of their arrival. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan we finally got to see Diggle lettin the AK spray again!!!

Ollie was sending them arrow tips back at the league with the quicklness. They storm the castle and got the element of suprise on their side. They even managed to find Malcolm Merlyn. STRUNG UP LIKE HIS ASS OWED SALLIE MAE!! The boy was strung up like Christmas lights! The boy was strung up semi conscious looking like he just got done with a Netflix binge of House of Cards Season 3

I said God Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
I said God Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

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However the bars (and I don’t mean a hot 16) drop behind Diggle and Oliver. These mutha fuckas are straight up trapped. Oliver wakes up in chains next to Diggle struggling and then finally tells Diggle what he knew all along. The real reason Ollie came back was for Thea but was also because he couldn’t have Ra’s leaving him with that L. Diggle gets him and lets him know he figured that was it. Soldiers gotta believe they can make it back and to have had that shit taken away? That’s rough. He also tells Oliver about that favor he wanted earlier…

Oliver is then taken before Ra’s Al Ghul. He is ready to give his life (kinda ruins the best man plans tho huh?) and requests that Diggle be set free. Ra’s lets Oliver know he got the game all twisted up.

Ollie face in that last gif is him realizing the amount of royalties he going to be owing Batman for this shit right here.


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