Its hard times in Starling City. John Diggle is teaming up with Laurel to take down villains man. He leads a couple of perps into a corner (they think they’re leading him to a trap to the rest of their gang) and they get snuck by the Canary Cry. John loses his cool with one too many mounted punches on one dude. Why John STILL isn’t wearing a mask is beyond me. Back at his place, he explodes over being upset at Oliver for taking Lyla. Felicity is the only one that believes he isn’t who he once was.

Over at Nanda Parbat Oliver learns that Maseo is the one that brought the Alpha and Omega virus to Ra’s. Things also get a bit tense at the family dinner table as well.

Oliver looking like a dude that took a course in women’s studies having to hold his tongue at the dinner table. Looking like he just trying to eat his grits in peace and patriarchy ruining the party. He excuses himself to leave stating that he has to think to himself about the marriage. In actuality he meets up with Merlyn and they discuss their plan to take the league down from the inside. Man Merlyn shoulda been on The Wire with the way he keep snitching for AYEBODY. I woulda checked his quiver for a wire as well.

They dicuss stopping the Alpha and Omega Virus which is going to be on a plane headed to Starling City. Ollie tells Merlyn to get the crew together, and he’ll send someone to back his story that they can trust. Maseo then comes by to see Ollie by himself by a camp fire. They start talking about assassin feels. Maseo talking bout being in the league isn’t a prison. Since his son has died there is only one prison that he can’t escape from. …Damn homie.

[We get a flash back to Akio dying in Maseo and Tatsu’s arms as his body wasn’t strong enough to handle inoculation and the general they brought in to administer a cure lied about there even being a cure. He now has them dead to rights with their hide out surrounded)

Thea travels to find Roy Harper in his new identity as “Jason”. Mannnn that new name better not have the Todd surname. Also why your boy on the run from the police working in a mechanic shop up in Samcro while loking liek Channing Tatum?

"Step Up 4 The Streets" Coming Soon?
“Step Up 4 The Streets” Coming Soon?

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Thea tells him about thinking of running away with him as well as what Oliver had to do to save her life. She even brought him his Arsenal costume. After they do the rom-com love scenes fora bit. “Jason” is gone the next morning while leaving a note for Thea. Basically it says “you ain’t going to be about this on the run life. That’s not what Ollie would want for you… also keep the suit. Red suits you…. Baton pass. …you got the juice now.

“By Juice I Mean The Kool-Aid Red Outfit I Use To Rock”

Back in Star City, Ray is talking about always being a friend to Felicity as well as having her sign some paper work that he says is nothing but looks like it may be highly important in the future. Mostly cause it looks like he just gave the company to her entirely without her knowing. Felicity meats up with the crew as they were summoned by Merlyn as he tells them it was all a ruse and Oliver is taking the league down from the inside.

Felicity: Wait….and he trusted YOU, King of All Fuckboys, with this info?
Merlyn: Hey I am not Fuckboy. Of course he trusted me. I am the man at espionage and keeping secrets and yall…well

Malcolm then brings out Tatsu to tell everybody how grave the situation is. Except everyone is like “who the fuck is youuuuuuuuuuuuuu?!?!?“. Tatsu just tells them “Yall don’t know me but shit is about to get real. They finna unleash a virus that already took my son on your whole city. Fuck the frail shit we need to bounce.” Diggle is already convinced as he doesn’t want to risk the chance of something happening in the city. Tatsu convinces Felicity to come along as well. They hit Nanda Parbat to destroy the plan hitting the vile.

Yo it is broad daylight and the assassins are popping up in all black getting picked off. Come on man… Yall don’t have any cameo colors for this occasion? Yall know broad daylight gotta be your enemy in this situation. Man everybody was putting in work but Tatsu straight up “Beaches of Normandy Invasion” this entire situation.



If this was Mortal Kombat that finisher would be “Sentimentality”.

Meanwhile Felicity is having issues trying to hack into the plane with the Alpha/Omega virus

Felicity tells Merlyn here gear is fried so she can’t hack the plane but she brought some “insurance” just in case. Merlyn looks up and sees Ray flying and taking on the plane with it’s missiles… before flying through the plane.



Merlyn: Tony Stark is so going to sue him-GET DOWN!!!

Oliver and Ra’s come out and say this was all an elaborate hoax. The Alpha/Omega is still with Ra’s. Which has to make Ray feel like shit cause dude just black hawk down’d an aircraft for zero reason. Oliver tells them all to shut up once they are taken captive. When asked who told them of the plane Tatsu sad Maseo (Flash Fact: Her sword can take the souls of those she kills. Maseo gotta be in that blade sayin “Whoaaa don’t you through me under the bus just cause I am dead“) They are all sent to a prison, but not before Ra’s drops the bomb that there is going to be a wedding.

Oliver then has Diggle called into his quarters to a less than ideal meeting.
Ollie: Hey man, Merlyn Tell you bought the plan?
Diggle: You can’t be serious…
Ollie: You’re not still mad about the whole me kidnapping your wife thing that was like so long ago
Diggle: it was the last episode man!! You not only lost my friendship Oliver…

Ollie:………………….. So you’re still mad?

Merlyn SNITCHES YET AGAIN on Oliver saying that he was playing Ra’s. When called in Oliver is like, “(This fucking guy) ME? ME PLAYING YOU?!?! I KILLED FOR YOU RA’S! I WAS ABOUT TO MERK YOUR DAUGHTER B. YOU STOPPED ME! WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO NOW RA’S?!?! HUH?!?! WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!? IT’S ALL FUCKED UP NOW!“. Ra’s enters the prison cell and Merlyn is surprised Oliver is still alive. Ra’s is like, “He quoted Diddy from the “Victory” music video…. I can’t NOT believe him after that.“. They then leave to this forced wedding between Nyssa and Oliver, but before they go they expose Team Broken Arrow to some lethal gas to kill them in their cell.

Everybody turned punk real fast when that gas was leaking, shouting at Oliver to do something and Ollie just looked at them like, “I would…. but the way my loyalty is set up…..

We got one episode left to see how this all turns around for the team. I’ll see yall next week.

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