Avengers #41 (TRO) Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Mike Deodato / Marvel Comics

Damnit Hickman. Damnit T’Challa. I blame both of you. Alas, we knew there was a ruse, we all did, we just didn’t want to believe it. So yes, even though Avengers #40 is still the Busta Rhymes “Scenario” verse of 2015 so far, the attempted murder of Namor at the hands of T’Challa is just that…attempted. Turns out that T’Challa’s hubris in delaying the explosion of the Cabal invaded Earth so that Namor would have no doubt this was the end, was the very reason the Cabal was able to escape. Damnit T’Challa. So, my pitty party aside, this was a really solid issue of Avengers as guess who makes an appearance: The Ultimate Universe. Turns out, Creepy Reed Richards from Earth-1610 has been a one man Illuminati, dealing with incursion events in cold efficient manner. And, might I add, with no council to wobble and debate him on it. You know, as the Maker intended. As we move towards Secret Wars and the publicized end of the Ultimate Universe (again), this is actually about the smartest way to bring that about. Let’s all hope Miles makes the jump that Namor couldn’t when it’s 1610’s turn.

Deodato, as I’ve raved about before, does so well penciling these characters. His style does so well to illuminate how large and majestic and foreboding the scenario is. I especially liked the contrast in style between Reed’s inner chamber with “The City” contrasted with the action of the Cabal escaping from one Earth to another. Even in an issue which was less focused on action, he handles to the conversation driven moments equally as well.

So, yeah, that thing that happened in the last Avengers, the one that spawned it’s own separate post? It actually went a different way. Which is ok (and expected). I regret nothing…And this was a pretty good issue with new and cool story elements coming together anyway.


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