Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #6 Review

writer: Rick Remender / artist: Terry Dodson

At this point, with Oz and I alternating on reviewing this book each issue, I can’t help but feel like we’re Frodo and Samwise heading into the heart of Mordor to destroy the one ring to bind them. Except Mordor is Marvel and our quest to destroy the world’s most powerful weapon is actually reviewing this crossover event so that you can see what you’re not missing. It’s bad out here fam. Every other week when I see what’s dropped, a good week means that some of my favorite books came out or at least it’s the week where Oz reviews Axis instead of me. Look, I’ve laid the slander pretty thick and it’s dripping in hyperbole, but the bottom line is this, the book isn’t very good. Like at all. The few redeeming qualities typically come in a Spider-Man one liner (my God, what might have happened if this all went down when humorless Doc Ock was still working the sticks for Spider-Man? I shudder to think of it…) or a surprising villain who is now acting like a hero performs a feat.

Not much of either exists in this issue. As Oz and I have stated before, it’s not that the execution is terrible (well, terrible in a vacuum), its that there is just so little appealing about every villain developing a sudden onset of feelings or every hero just being a complete asshole. Just not much to harvest there.

The art isn’t bad at all, but unlike Original Sin, its not so outstanding that it makes me point it out despite the ridiculousness of the book itself (even though I guess I just did that).

We’re stuck with AXIS for a while which means you’re stuck with either Oz or I effectively picking up this comic, reading it, then getting on the couch and telling the perils of our childhood that led to this point. I’m sorry…but I’m not at fault.


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