Batman #65 Review

Batman #65 cover

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Gulliem March / DC Comics

Batman #65 delivers a strong, self-contained chapter in “The Price,” a crossover event that’s being penned by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Guillem March. Part 2 of 4 appeared in Flash #64 and this week’s issue of Batman picks up right where things left off.

“The Price” has evolved into a story about the price that superheroes pay in order to be beacons of hope for everyone else. Behind all of the masks, capes, and missions is a group of people who have gone through far more than their own fair share of loss, guilt, and remorse. The way they handle that is what makes them stand out above the rest of us.

Batman #65 interior

Issue #65 is an enjoyable read as the groundwork has been laid and the storyline is at its peak. On a surface level, Gotham Girl is wreaking havoc for her own reasons and it’s up to Batman and Flash to stop her. Which has been proven to be rather difficult.

On a deeper note, Batman and Flash make major breakthroughs in how they’re each handling the loss of Wally West. The entire issue appears to be a lesson in catharsis and closure. Issue #65 of Flash should bring it all home with some solid resolution. Maybe even a hug between Batman and Flash. Maybe?

8.0 out of 10
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